14 Signs You’re A Country Girl!

1. Your personal heaven is behind the wheel of a pickup truck.
2. You know how to model “girl next door” curls better than anyone.
3. You can’t love a man who doesn’t love his dog.
4. You don’t take nothing from no one.
5. You spend more time with horses than you do with actual people.
6. You’ll wear cowgirl boots, no matter the occasion.
7. This is how you describe yourself:
8. You love nothing more than hanging out with babes like these:
9. You have no problem eating an entire rack of ribs…
10. …with a whole basket of biscuits.
11. You expect everyone to have some manners.
12. You’ve been fishing like a pro since you were a little girl.
13. Country music is the soundtrack to your life.
14. And you’re proud of being from the country.