(Cosmopolitan) Few guys will come right out and say that they’ve fallen hard, but these gestures are dead giveaways:

He becomes really helpful.
Men crave feeling needed, and when they’re gaga, they’ll invent ways to be of assistance like mowing your lawn or changing the oil in your car. Yes, it’s more practical than romantic, but his heart is in the right place.

He’s happy just to hang.
When a guy is fully invested in being around you, he’s content to chill out doing absolutely nada. So it’s good sign when you start seeing him more often, even if your time together is less planned out.

Things remind him of you.
If he is e-mailing you funny Web sites he’s found or says he saw something in a store you’d like, it proves you’re on his brain full time and becoming part of his inner world.

He gives you a sweet nickname.
Dudes only use tender terminology like pet names once they’re comfortable being vulnerable around you. You’re in, Pookie.