Zac Efron says he ran out of gas and that’s why he and his body guard ended up in a sketchy part of downtown Los Angeles after midnight Sunday. And while walking, they were beaten up by three transients.

President Obama swung by the Vatican while he was in the neighborhood and met the Pope for the very first time.

Lara Spencer has finalized a new long-term deal to stay at “Good Morning America.” Spencer’s deal follows a new pact with Robin Roberts late last year.

“American Idol” won the night for Fox in the ratings Wednesday despite hitting an all-time low in the ratings. The episode, in which Jennifer Lopez let slip the f-word, averaged 9.1 million total viewers.

Russell Crowe calls the criticism that the film “Noah” has received “irrational” and he’s happy audiences can finally see it for themselves. We just want to know where Noah got his buzz cut.

When God put his rainbow in the sky and promised not to destroy it with a flood again, it was not a promise to man, but to all life on earth.

Taco Bell’s latest commercials feature Ronald McDonald. Not the clown, a guy with that name from North Carolina.

Trace Adkins and his wife of nearly 17 years are calling it quits.

There’s a “How I Met Your Mother” spinoff in the works, called “How I Met Your Dad.”

“Scandal” actor Columbus Short apparently has a violence issue. He was arrested on a felony battery charge at a restaurant two weeks ago. He has two other violence-related arrests just since the beginning of the year.

Find out which “Bob’s Burgers” character you are at

Ken Forsee has died at the age of 76. He was the guy who created Teddy Ruxpin, back in the 1980s.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher say they have been talking about having kids for a year. And now, there’s one on the way.

Gwyneth Paltrow is using the term “conscious uncoupling” when referring to her breakup with Chris Martin. We wonder if it had anything with her relationship with Tony Stark.

There’s one more James Gandolfini movie to come, called “The Drop” that will be in theaters September 19.

L’Wren Scott left her entire estate to boyfriend Mick Jagger.

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay had $29,000 in cash on him when he was arrested for impaired driving on March 16.

Of course the first one would be in New York City — a Cupcake ATM, where you can get a cupcake, anytime you want, for $4.25.

Now there’s a computer app that will let you know when is the best in a movie to sneak out and go to the restroom.

BUY THE LAPTOP USED TO SEND THE FIRST EVER PRESIDENTIAL EMAIl – In November of 1998, Bill Clinton used a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop computer to send the first official email from a sitting president of the United States — and now you can buy it. The inaugural email correspondence between Clinton and astronaut John Glenn is included with the computer. | auction link

PEOPLE IN ALASKA ARE THE BEST TIPPERS – Payment service Square calculated which states’ restaurant transactions have the largest proportion that include tips, and also the average tip percentage by state. If you want to wait tables for a living, Alaska is the best state, with the average tip at 17%. Residents of Delaware tipped the lowest, 14%. 

GUY ATE HIS OWN HAT AFTER LOSING BET – Bitcoin fan said on the social media forum Reddit that he’d eat his own hat if the digital currency’s value dipped below $1,000. It did, and he made good. In a painful 46-minute video, user ‘Anndddyyyy’ devours his hat. He does so by cutting it into pieces and working them into a sandwich.

According to a new survey, the average wedding now costs $29,858 . . . the highest ever.  The survey also found that a quarter of them are “destination weddings” . . . 24% of couples don’t even bother setting a BUDGET . . . and the average number of guests is 138.

The Malaysia Airlines crash is still all over the news, so this is kind of an embarrassing oversight.  British Airways started running an ad on trains in England yesterday that said, quote, “Escape the commute . . . and discover the Indian Ocean.”  They’ve already apologized and said they’re pulling the ad.

IN THEATERS _ Sabotage (R); Noah (PG-13); Cesar Chavez (PG-13); Bad Words (R, wider release)