Newly single Miranda Kerr (she and husband Orlando Bloom divorced last October) has posed nude for British GQ in a series of photos taken by Mario Testino.

Starbucks got enough complaints from customers that they’re bringing back some items they had dropped from their menu when they bought the La Boulange bakery. Among the returnees: banana bread, pumpkin bread and iced-lemon loaf cake.

Michael Strahan is close to a deal to join Good Morning America in a part-time role, according to multiple reports.

15 things you didn’t know your iPhone could do.

Bruce Willis has cut the price of the Idaho ranch he’s trying to sell off. It originally was listed at $15 million. The latest price slash brings the price down to $8.8 million for 8,400 square feet on 20 acres.

The day after Timothy McDaniel’s wife died of a heart attack, the California truck driver won $650,000 in the state lottery.

Los Angeles Angels hitting coach Don Baylor broke his right leg while catching Vladimir Guerrero’s ceremonial first pitch Monday night.

Nicole Kidman is running around as a brunette these days for her part in the movie “Strangerland,” now filming in Sydney.

There will be a “Top Gun” sequel, with Tom Cruise battling with drones.

In Germany, there’s now a cemetery designated as “lesbian only.”

A report says that China is going through a “breakup boom” with 10,000 divorces a day.

Here are ten all-American foods that foreigners can’t stand.

An 18-wheeler dumped its entire load — 75,000 Foster Farms corn dogs — on Interstate 220 near Shreveport, LA.

A Belgian company has developed a headband that’s supposed to help reduce migraine headaches. Worn across the forehead, it sends electric currents to facial nerves.

A new Michael Jackson album is coming out May 13, which will include eight previously never released songs.

AMAZON FIRES UP TV – Amazon unviled its newest gadget Wednesday: Fire TV. It’s a lot like Roku or Apple TV, with access to your favorite media streaming services – including Netflix, Hulu, Watch ESPN, and, of course, Prime Instant Video – as well as the ability to play games with a dedicated gaming controller. Fire TV also offers voice search that keeps you from dealing with on-screen keyboards. | site link

PUTIN OFFICIALLY SINGLE AGAIN– Vladimir Putin is officially single again — his divorce is final. He was married to ex-wife Lyudmila for three decades. Vlad is rumored to be in a relationship with former Olympic gymnast Alina Kabayeva.

TEXAS DOG TURNS UP IN OHIO – A small dog from Killeen, Texas, dug a hole under a fence in his backyard and turned up four day later at an animal shelter in Hamilton, Ohio. The owner of the dog and the shelter have no idea how the dog made it all the way to Hamilton, which according to Google Maps is more 1,100 miles away or roughly a 16-and-a-half-hour drive. However, the dog, whose name is Corbin, is now back in Texas

If you want to lose weight, then count calories. It’s not what you eat that matters but how much. So whether you eat two big meals a day or “graze” by eating five small meals isn’t important. The only thing that counts for weight loss is the total number of calories you have consumed by day’s end, according to British researchers. The study found that the women who ate five meals on one test day and two regular meals on the other test day burned the same amount of calories both days

Science has finally done something USEFUL . . . and figured out the most effective ways to FLIRT.  The best thing you can do is touch someone’s FACE . . . as long as you don’t do it in a creepy way.  The next best moves are to touch their shoulder, waist, and forearm . . . or to go out of your way to compliment them.

A 19-year-old guy in Indiana was drunk on Saturday night and broke into a day spa looking for food.  He hit the JACKPOT . . . since they had Hot Pockets, mac and cheese, and Drumsticks ice cream cones.  He ate a bunch of Hot Pockets, cooked the mac and cheese, but passed out eating the Drumsticks.  Employees found him the next morning, still DRUNK.  He was arrested.

A couple in England donated their couch to a second-hand store . . . and didn’t realize their 10-year-old CAT was hiding inside.

Submarines are now being used to search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Matt Lauer and Al Roker have shot cameos for Sharknado 2

Lindsay Lohan will visit David Letterman on April 9th

A ”Paul Blart: Mall Cop” sequel will be out in 2015

Entertainmentwise claims Brooke Burke Charvet is ok after crashing her Maserati into a fence in Calabasas, California yesterday. She blamed a faulty steering wheel for the accident