4 Ways To Improve Your Relationship!

1. Go on a double date–A study found that interacting with another couple can make you and your partner feel more romantic toward each other. Couples should avoid the trend most couples have of withdrawing from their social networks as a relationship grows. Spending time together with friends and meeting new people is a source of support, personal growth, and new experiences to share with each other and that can help relationships mature.

2. Watch rom-coms–Improving your relationship might be as simple as enjoying a movie together and talking about it after. A study assigned 174 newlywed couples to three relationship interventions: conflict management, compassion training, or guided movie discussion. Three years later, they found that the movie group worked just as well in reducing divorce and separation rates: all three intervention groups had a divorce rate of 11% versus 24% in the control group.

3. Keep your partner healthy–This is more of a long-term project, but it can pay off. A study of more than 950 couples found that when a man is in poor health, his wife was more likely to report high levels of conflict in the marriage. The reverse wasn’t true, so an unhealthy wife didn’t make a man unhappier in his marriage.

4. Try something new–Break out of your date night rut and experiment with something new, educational or romantic. New and “arousing” activities can increase passionate love.