5 Things You Should Always Buy Used

5)  Cars – There isn’t much difference in pleasure between a new car on the lot and the same car a couple years older with a reasonable number of miles.  However, the difference in price makes the used car an obvious choice.

4)  Baby and toddler clothes – They grow out of them too fast and are already easy to attain for next to nothing from thrift shops, hand-me-downs from family and friends, Goodwill etc.

3)  Books and Movies – If you still read actual books and put discs in your DVD player, buying new is too expensive already.  The amount of places you can get used Books, DVD’s and Blue Rays are limitless.  Plus, do you really care of someone thumbed your copy of “Dark Knight Rises” a few times?

2)  Exercise and Fitness Equipment – Buying this stuff new is just silly.  Weights don’t have expiration dates on them and the amount of used equipment for sale in America is so saturated that it usually sells cheap!

1)  Tools – Tools are tools.  Unless you’re in an industry that demands special expensive tools, any tools will do.  Plus stocking up on special tools you’ll never use isn’t worth it.