ESPN will carry an NFL Wild Card playoff game this season, marking the first time an NFL postseason game will move off broadcast TV. NBC will pick up a Divisional playoff game from either CBS or Fox.

The funeral for Peaches Geldof took place yesterday in southern England. Her father, Bob Geldof had arranged for a mural to be painted on her coffin, featuring her and her two sons. She was just 25.

Ellen DeGeneres is teaming with cable network HGTV to launch a furniture design competition series, “Ellen’s Design Challenge.”

Richard Gere and Padma Lakshmi have recently started dating.

Lindsey Vonn — Tiger Woods’ current girlfriend — and Elin Nordegren — Tiger Woods’ ex-wife — are said to have become good friends.

Drew Carey was bounced off “Dancing with the Stars” this week.

Rupert Everett gave a few controversial opinions in a recent interview, saying that Beyonce has “elephant ankles,” what Simon Cowell has done to the British music industry is “completely devastating” and says that he agrees with a lot of what Prince Charles says.

There’s a price increase coming to Netflix.

Now they have a robot cleaner for your barbecue grill.

What did Victoria Beckham want to do to celebrate her 40th birthday? Last weekend, she, husband David and the kids took a hike through the Grand Canyon.

Microsoft closes the deal to buy Nokia on Friday… and it will slowly become “Microsoft Mobile.”

“Ice Road Truckers” Tim Zickuhr has been charged with 3 felonies after allegedly kidnapping a Vegas prostitute… and forcing her to jump out a second story window.

You can buy Robin Williams’ Napa Valley Estate for just $30 million.

TMZ claims Cuba Gooding Jr and his high school sweetheart, and wife of 20 years, Sara, are separating. They cited irreconcilable differences

E! claims Häagen-Dazs has released two new flavors in Japan called Tomato Cherry and Carrot Orange

Jay Leno will return to his alma mater Emerson College to deliver this year’s commencement speech

Drew Barrymore gave birth to a baby girl yesterday named Frankie claims a Peeps movie is being developed. It’s about a Peep that tries to get back home

A new study found the key to making your marriage last after someone cheats is . . . admitting it.  When couples in the study admitted their cheating, only 43% wound up divorced . . . when they DIDN’T admit cheating, 80% wound up divorced.  The researchers say it’s because admitting it helps you work through it and figure out the root cause.

A new survey found America’s favorite fast food items.  The best burger is at Wendy’s . . . the best fries are McDonald’s . . . the best chicken sandwich is Chick-fil-A . . . the best Mexican food is Chipotle . . . and the best coffee is Starbucks.

The irony here is almost TOO perfect.  At least four people who attended a major food safety conference in Baltimore got sick earlier this week . . . from FOOD POISONING.  The Maryland health department is investigating.

Last week, a 22-year-old guy from Canada made the news when he posted a 10-second YouTube video where he’s standing next to a train . . . and the conductor KICKS HIM IN THE HEAD.  Well, thanks to 24 MILLION views, he could earn up to $250,000 in ad revenue and licensing from the video

A man tried to rob two stores in Rhode Island on Monday . . . by pretending a POTATO was a gun.  It didn’t work . . . a convenience store clerk chased him off with a baseball bat and a dry cleaning cashier gave him a counterfeit $20.  The police are trying to track him down.

A guy in Kansas is going on trial for murder next week.  And he wants to have his neck tattoo removed first, because he doesn’t think the jury will give him a fair trial if they see it.  And he’s probably right . . . because it says “MURDER” in big letters

Police in Virginia were involved in a high-speed chase with a Ford Focus . . . that had TEN PEOPLE in it.

It turns out that the 16-year-old who rode from California to Hawaii in a plane’s landing gear was trying to get to Somalia to be with his mother . . . and he just climbed into the first plane he saw.

On Monday, we heard that powdered LIQUOR had been approved by the government, and would go on sale this fall.  But now it looks like they might do a one-eighty and decide NOT to allow it.

ESPN announced yesterday that they will be televising one NFL playoff game a year. The Wrap claims the deal cost them $100 million. A source tells the site: �Maybe they can make a quarter of that in ad sales, maybe not, but either way, that is a monster check to write for one game.�

Contact Music claims Valerie Bertinelli is going to host her own cooking show called The Valerie Bertinelli Project. Her and her husband will be preparing dishes

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