“The Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence has topped FHM’s 2014 Sexiest Women poll. The Oscar-winning actress beats out British beauty Michelle Keegan on the newly-released top 100.

Bob Geldof’s daughter Peaches died of a heroin overdose, the same as her mother Paula Yates did back in 2000.

The cast and crew of “The Walking Dead” are heading back to Atlanta to begin shooting the next season.

Miley Cyrus got out of the hospital, but more symptoms of her condition have returned, so she’s canceling more shows.

Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” was initially set to be a hit for Cee Lo Green. Williams revealed to Howard Stern the singer actually recorded the upbeat track, but the “powers that be” at his record label decided it wasn’t the right fit for Cee Lo.

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Hugh Jackman has appeared as Wolverine in seven movies, but he’s pretty sure the sequel to “Wolverine” will be his last time.

Tomorrow, over 2,000 comic book stores across the country will give away more than 4.6 million comics as part of Free Comic Book Day.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is taking a leave of absence and seeking treatment for alcohol addiction, as reports surfaced of a second video showing the mayor with what may be crack cocaine.

The unemployment rate in Spain is at 26%.

A study says that first born girls are the most likely in a family to be ambitious and succeed.

An increasingly popular approach to treating arthritis pain: bee sting therapy.

Prince Harry has reportedly broken up with his girlfriend Cressida Bonas.

According to Oprah’s spokesperson — she’s in discussions with David Geffen and Larry Ellison to make a bid for the Los Angeles Clippers should the team become available.

Sports Illustrated claims if Donald Sterling were forced to sell the Clippers for $1 billion he would have to pay a 33% capital gains tax and could owe $333 million

TMZ claims Paul Walker’s car collection is going to be sold. 30 luxury and sports cars will be moved

Lisa Lampanelli is divorcing Jimmy Cannizzaro. Her rep says: ”The couple have always made incredibly good friends, but weren’t a match as man and wife.”

The NY Post claims Martin Scorsese’s nephew Frank was arrested for selling drugs to an undercover officer on three separate occasions. His bosses were also arrested on various drug and weapons charges

Redeye says sales of Mexican beer will jump by 50% this weekend because of Cinco De Mayo

In Maryland at a national conference on food safety, attendees were taken ill with food poisoning. [Well, that’s one way to get your point across, but whatever happened to just using Powerpoint slides?]

SMART UMBRELLAS STUDY RAINFALL – Your umbrella may one day turn you into a mobile weather station. A researcher in the Netherlands has created an umbrella which has a built-in sensor that registers rainfall by measuring vibrations on the canvas. The information is sent via Bluetooth to an app on the umbrella holder’s smartphone, which in turn uploads information into the cloud. His idea is to turn people into mobile weather stations.

SMALL TOWN FINALLY LIFTS BAN ON ARCADE GAMES – For more than three decades, you couldn’t find Pac-Man or Space Invaders in Marshfield, Massachusetts. But a local 1982 bylaw banning coin-operated video and arcade games has finally been struck from the books.

MAN LEAVES TRAIL OF BEER CANS – A man who broke into a church in Germany left a trail of beer cans from the scene to his house. Police were able to follow the trail a few blocks. 

MAISIE WILLIAMS TAKES DRIVING LESSONS – Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams is taking driving lessons in the U.K. in hopes of receiving her license. The British teenager, who plays Arya on the HBO fantasy series, posted a photo on her WhoSay account of her driving school vehicle. 

Want your kid to succeed?  Here are a few tips for when you NAME them.  New studies found that people with MIDDLE NAMES get treated like they have higher status . . . and people with names that are easy to PRONOUNCE have more credibility.

Scientists in China figured out the secret to winning rock-paper-scissors.  They found that if someone wins a turn, they’ll stick with that for the next turn . . . so if they won with rock, they’ll throw rock again.  But if they LOSE, they’ll switch to whatever BEAT them . . . so if they lose to your paper, they’ll switch to paper. 

A 30-year-old inmate in Oregon broke out of prison on Wednesday . . . 272 days into his 278-day sentence.  The cops found him later that night, so now he’s facing new charges for the escape . . . if he’d just stuck it out, his release date would’ve been Tuesday.

For two years, a 60-year-old in Florida had a cell phone jamming device in his car, so no one around him on the road could talk on their phone.  But police ended up catching him, because it was also jamming a cell phone TOWER every day on his way to work.  And jamming cell phone signals is a federal crime . . . so now he’s facing a $48,000 fine.

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