Fox revealed its fall programming lineup Monday, including five new shows. Fall debuts include D.C. comic book origin story “Gotham” on Monday nights, paired with “Sleepy Hollow.” Reality series “Utopia” on Tuesdays and Fridays. “Mulaney,” along with “Brooklyn Nine Nine,” will return to Sundays.

Meanwhile, the most recent episode of “American Idol” attracted an all-time low number of viewers, seven million, compared to 30 million at its height.

Miley Cyrus rode a giant, inflatable, pink penis around her Bangerz Tour on Friday night.

President Obama has reinstalled solar panels at the White House, nearly thirty years after they were removed by Ronald Reagan.

Lea Michele posted a note, dedicated to her late boyfriend, Corey Monteith, on Mothers Day… which happened to be his birthday: “The biggest heart and most beautiful smile… In all of our hearts… We love you so. Happy Birthday.”

Director Zack Snyder just teased an image of Batman’s new ride from the “Batman/Superman” movie, hinting that he may show it off today for fans.

Clippers fans booed Justin Bieber during game 4 of the Los Angeles Clippers playoff.

Rosie O’Donnell had two-thirds of her stomach removed… and so far, has lost 50 pounds.

George Clooney and his fiance hosted a huge engagement party for friends over the weekend.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper lands the first Donald Sterling interview.

Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, gave a commencement speech at her graduation from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, on Saturday.

TBS renewed “Cougar Town” but canceled their series, “Men at Work.”

NBC has done some canceling of its own: “Revolution,” “Community,” “Dracula,” “Growing up Fisher,” “Believe” and “Crisis.”

The chairman of Samsung suffered a heart attack on Saturday night. He’s 72.

An Icelandic chef has created several pates and desserts made of fly larvae.

48-year-old Victor Mooney, is an American rower who is hoping to cross the Atlantic Ocean in honor of his brother. Mooney just passed the halfway mark or his amazing 3,000 mile journey. He’s making the trip in a specially built rowboat in honor of a brother who died of AIDS in 1983 and hopes to encourage voluntary HIV testing. He’s actually tried the same feat three other times, without success but hopes the fourth time will be the charm.

A new study found that if you’re always getting into arguments, you’re probably going to DIE SOON.  People who regularly get into arguments with their family are 50% to 100% more likely to die early.  And people who also get into arguments with other people are 200% to 300% more likely to die early. 

A researcher at Virginia Tech created a program that predicts how popular your name will be in 25 years.  And pretty much every “normal” name today will become less and less popular each year.  You can look up your own name by googling, “Time’s Baby Name Predictor

A 41-year-old woman in Tennessee broke into a fire station on Saturday . . . and managed to drive off in an AMBULANCE.  The cops pulled her over a few miles later, and she told them she was PREGNANT . . . she said she’d stolen it to rush to the hospital.  But she WASN’T pregnant, so she was arrested.

I don’t know why you’d want to change the taste of bacon.  But a company in Iowa is feeding pigs a special type of grain to create WHISKEY-flavored pork.

NEW ON DVD _ Released May 13

That Awkward Moment


I Frankenstein


Barney Miller: Season 5

Bob’s Burger’s Season 3

Longmire: Season 2

The New Normal: The Complete Series

Orange Is the New Black: Season 1

NUMBER FOR THE DAY – 3 billion: Amount in ad sales Fox has made from American Idol over its 13-year history.

Jay Z and his sister-in-law got into a physical confrontation. [They’d better be careful. They’re gonna make the Kardashians look civilized.]

MOST OF US CARRY LESS THAN $50 CASH _ A new study says about 80% of us carry less than $50 cash, and 40% carry less than $20 cash on a daily basis. Nearly 1 in 10 of us don’t carry cash at all.

BEWARE THIS FACEBOOK SCAM – Facebook users who receive messages from friends along the lines of, “OMG YOUR PHOTOS ARE BEING USED ON THIS SITE,” beware: It’s a scam. Clicking the links directs users to fake blogs, which, in turn, lead to fake Facebook login pages. Anybody filling in their details and hitting enter will of course have their user name and password sent to the attacker.

A photo of a receipt from a restaurant in Calgary is going viral, because they gave the people a five-dollar discount for having, quote, “Well Behaved Kids”.

SHOTS FIRED WAS REALLY RAP MUSIC – Bloomington, Illinois, police rushed to the scene after a report of shots fired. The “gunfire”  was part of some rap music coming from a neighboring apartment.

Michael Sam’s Rams jersey is already the number two selling jersey among rookies. Johnny Manziel’s jersey is tops

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains received three feet of snow yesterday

Shaq is writing a series of children’s books based on his childhood

A new study published in the Daily Mail reveals that expectant mothers are 42% more likely to crash than non-expectant women.