POLKA! – Today (Friday) begins National Polka Weekend

NEWS ATTACK – For the first time since 1979 the bullfighting festival in San Isidro, Spain had to be called off after, not one, not two, but three bullfighters were gored by angry bulls. [Eyewitnesses said the bullfighters went down like Jay Z in an elevator.]

RESEARCHERS DEVELOP DIY BEDBUG TRAP – Bedbugs are everywhere, and they’re becoming resistant to pesticide treatments. Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a way to make effective bedbug traps using household items. Each trap can be assembled for less than $1. The traps take advantage of bedbugs’ inability to climb on smooth surfaces. The researchers have put together a 3-minute video on how to create the homemade bedbug traps, but point out that most people will need several dozen traps to properly counter the average infestation — at least 50 traps for a one-bedroom apartment.Video

THE WORLD’S BEST JOB: PANDA NANNY – As the old saying goes, choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. China’s Giant Panda Protection and Research Center is now recruiting caretakers whose main duties will be to hang out with panda cubs and love them and cuddle them. These so-called panda nannies will earn $32,000 a year and will receive free meals and accommodations.

GUY CAN’T STOP BURPING – A guy in Florida (Venice) has an embarrassing medical condition that won’t let him stop burping. Ron Johnson says he woke up one morning after surgery with what he thought was some serious indigestion. Two years later, it hasn’t gone away.

Kendra Wilkinson has named her newborn girl Alijah Mary Baskett

Aziz Ansari was recently performing in Chicago when he got booed for asking who the Hawks were. His fans were skipping the Chicago Blackhawks playoff game to watch him

Angelina Jolie has donated $50,000 to the victims of the Balkans floods. She says: “I am particularly concerned by the immediate threat to life posed by mines and unexploded ordinance in areas that have been ravaged by the floods in Bosnia. The damage left by the war is literally lying just beneath the surface of the country, and the international community must take action to help secure these areas.”

A new survey asked people what they most want science to invent.  And the winner is kind of ridiculous . . . a pill that cures all illnesses.  That’s followed by wrinkle-free clothing, self-driving cars, robot maids, and a time machine.

A 21-year-old from Washington was arrested this month for sending bomb threats to his company to try to get extra days off of work . . . even though he’d only been working there for THREE DAYS.  The cops traced the threats back to him and now he’s facing at least two felony charges. 

Spain’s World Series of Bullfighting was canceled yesterday after the bulls goared 3 matadors and sent them to the hospital with serious injuries

10.1 million people watched the season finale of American Idol. It was the lowest-rated finale ever. 9.5 million watched the Survivor finale

Barack and Michelle Obama’s oldest daughter Malia will take driving lessons starting in July

Former American Idol star Katharine McPhee is divorcing her husband Nick Cokas. Contact Music claims she was caught kissing married director Michael Morris seven months ago

CNN claims striking fast food workers could be replaced by robots and other technology in the near future. Some chains are testing robots while Panera is planning to introduce self-service ordering kiosks. Some Chili’s and Applebee’s are allowing diners to place orders through tablets on their tables.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreos are going on sale

Krispy Kreme triple cheeseburgers will be served at this year’s San Diego County Fair in June

Researchers in Spain found drinking red wine is actually GOOD for your teeth.  The grape seed in wine slows the growth of bacteria in your mouth, which helps prevent plaque, cavities, and gum disease.

IN THEATERS _ X-Men: Days of Future Past (PG-13) and Blended (PG-13)