Everybody’s still talking about the Indy 500. For the first time since 2006, an American won. [Thanks in part to a rule change allowing for wider driver seats.]

MORE STRESSED AT HOME THAN AT WORK? – Many people find home life more stressful than work. In the new study (Pennsylvania State University) researchers had 122 people swab their cheeks three times a day, so they could measure the participants’ cortisol levels. Cortisol is a key stress hormone, and rises when we’re in stressful situations. They also asked the people to rate their moods at home and at work.

THE MOST POPULAR ANIMAL IN EUROPE  – Boss is likely the most popular animal in Europe. Boss the French Bulldog — who lives in Sweden — has over 181,000 Instagram followers. His is the most popular animal Instagram account in Europe. ‘ link

CHEESE-ROLLING CHAMP – Thousands of people gathered in Gloucestershire, England, over the weekend for the traditional cheese-rolling races on Cooper’s Hill. The unofficial event was organized by rebel cheese rollers, after plans for an official event were shelved in 2010. An estimated 5,000 people turned out to watch thrill-seekers chase an 8-pound wheel of double Gloucester cheese down the steep hill. The winner of the first race, Josh Shepherd, said he was “really happy” but “doesn’t really like cheese”.

MONK PRAYING 1,000 TIMES A DAY LEFT HIS FOOTPRINTS IN FLOOR – A 70-year-old monk at a Buddhist monastery in China (Tongren, Qinghai province) has prayed 1,000 times a day for 20 years. The result of his work over 20 years is that his footprints are now marked an inch and a half deep into the wood. Video

MAN TRIED TO SELL THE WORD ‘THE’ ON EBAY- An Australian man was selling the word ‘the’ written on a piece of paper on eBay. The bidding reached over $10,000 before eBay pulled the listing.

Leonardo DiCaprio recently auctioned off a seat on his 2015 space voyage for $1.5 million. The money will benefit HIV/AIDS research

Christina Ricci and husband James Heerdegen are expecting their first child

Donald Levine, who created the GI Joe action figure in 1964 to honor the military,has died from cancer at age 86.

Patrick Swayze’s widow Lisa Niemi got remarried this past weekend to jeweler Albert DePrisco. 50 people attended the West Palm Beach affair

The NY Post claims the World’s Heaviest Man, Manuel Uribe, has died. He once weighed 1,230 pounds, but recently slimmed down to 867 pounds

The Austrian Zoo has named one of their five white tiger cubs ‘Obama’

Apparently, old school cell phones are making a comeback . . . and people are getting rid of their smart phones because they want “dumb” phones.  The main reasons are way better battery life, the phones are much less likely to break, and it helps people who feel TOO connected with their smart phones. 

Apparently rich moms in New York are now paying professional organizers to PACK for their kids, for summer camp.  They pay about $1,000 to have someone else organize their kids’ duffel bags and suitcases, and make sure they have everything they need for camp.

The government in the Anhui province of China recently announced that everyone who dies will have to be CREMATED . . . because they’re overcrowded with cemeteries.  The policy goes into effect June 1st . . . so dozens of elderly people are KILLING THEMSELVES to get in before the burial deadline. 

 You know that superstition where people hold their breath when they’re going through a tunnel?  A 19-year-old guy held his breath as he was driving through a tunnel in Oregon on Sunday . . . wound up PASSING OUT . . . and caused a three-car accident.  Four people were hospitalized, including him . . . and he’s been charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving, and assault.

A blind guy sailed his boat all the way from Mexico to Hawaii . . . then accidentally crashed it on a beach. 

Cheap Thrills, Claire, Could This Be Love, Eastern Bandits, Eden and After, Endless Love, Gambit, House in the Alley, Journey to the West and The Man Who Lies are all out on DVD today