6 Ways To Snag The Guy Of Your Dreams!

Have you recently met a guy who fits into your Prince Charming category? Here are six ways to make him yours.

1. Be enthusiastic – enthusiasm is infectious and can make someone smile and be interested in what you’re saying.

2. Make him feel like he’s the only person in the room – look him directly in the eyes and give him special one on one attention, it will make him feel special and appreciated.

3. Be proud of who you are – few things are more sexy than self-confidence and respect for yourself.

4. Don’t be afraid to touch – warm gestures like handshakes and a touch on the back can be an instant turn on. Don’t forget to touch yourself, too…in a non-sexual way, of course.

5. Be aware of your body and how to show it off – the more you like your body the more other people will, too.

6. Don’t be looks obsessed – guys aren’t into narcissism, you can look good without only looking at yourself.