The Olympics are having trouble finding cities interested in hosting the 2022 Games. [This could be the big comeback Detroit’s been waiting for.]

LONGEST RUNNING STREAK – Love running? Are you out there 4 to 5 days a week? Amateur! Jon Sutherland’s been running every day since May 26, 1969. That’s around 16,440 days. It helps that he lives in sunny California. And that he has running buddy — his dog Puck, though Puck’s just 6 and hasn’t been running as long. Rain or shine, healthy or sick, strong or weak, Sutherland has stayed with a similar routine – he has run – every day for 45 consecutive years, covering more than 190,000 miles. He’s passed the old record of 16,437 days.

SPELLING BEE FINALS TONIGHT – The National Spelling Bee semi-finals and finals are today (Thursday). ESPN 2 will carry the semis this morning (10 AM ET) and ESPN will have the finals tonight (8 PM ET).

WHISPER, THE BASE JUMPING DOG – GoPro cameras seem to have captured every activity known to man, but for the first time we’ve now seen a dog fly. The footage is part of a National Geographic feature on adrenaline junkie Dean Potter, who brings his dog Whisper along for every crazy ride. An Australian Cattle Dog, Whisper and her owner go on daring adventures together, trekking through the mountains and hopping off rock formations.Video

‘SEXIST’ BIKE HELMET LAWS – A cyclist in New South Wales, Australia, is calling the country’s mandatory bike helmet law “sexist”. She was recently issued a $153 fine for riding without a helmet. Sue Abbott says compulsory helmet laws are turning people – especially women – off cycling. Abbott says, “It is a very sexist law because a lot of women have maintained hairstyles and would end up with helmet hair – and women have told me that’s one of the factors (for not riding bikes)”. She’s been fined a dozen times in her fight against the laws and had her bikes seized and sold by police to pay her fines.

US Weekly claims Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko are expecting a child

A sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding is in the works

Yahoo is planning to launch their own video sharing site to rival YouTube

Former Pats TE Aaron Hernandez plead not guilty yesterday to killing two Boston men in 2012 because they bumped into him at a club and spilled a drink

Contact Music claims Chelsea Lately will end On August 26th. E! News will replace Chelsea

11.9 million viewers watched the season premiere of America’s Got Talent

Apple has officially purchased Beats by Dre headphones for $3 billion

Hollywood News Daily claims Burt Reynolds’ Hobe Sound, Florida home is in foreclosure

Remember when authorities searching for Flight 370 heard four sets of pings, and said they were probably from the plane’s black box?  Now they say they probably weren’t. 

A woman in Kansas City, Missouri was sick of mowing her lawn . . . so she covered it with 80 tons of SAND.  Apparently her neighbors aren’t very happy now.

Remember the pastor in Kentucky who died in February after one of the rattlesnakes in his service bit him?  Well, his son took over afterwards . . . and now HE’S been bitten.  It looks like he’ll survive though. 

Google is developing a new car. The two-seater does not have a steering wheel, an accelerator or a brake pedal. There are no mirrors, no backseat, no glove compartment and no stereo. The car contains computers and sensors, which drive it. The front of the car is made with foam.

In a new survey, 32% of dads say their kids have forgotten about them on Father’s Day at least once . . . 57% have gotten a gift they hated . . . 53% have either returned a Father’s Day gift or WANTED to return one . . . and of 50% have gotten the same TYPE of gift more than once. 

An 89-year-old woman was working at her convenience store in Washington on Sunday when a guy came in and demanded the money in the cash register.  He pulled out a three-foot SWORD . . . and the woman responded by grabbing a GOLF CLUB.  She managed to hit him in the legs, he took off running, and didn’t wind up getting any money.  The cops are still looking for him. 

Earlier this month, some guy in a mask robbed a Dunkin’ Donuts at knifepoint in Louisville, Kentucky.  Then on Saturday he robbed it AGAIN, but DIDN’T wear a mask.  And every one of the employees was able to I.D. him . . . because he WORKED THERE

A 27-year-old man in Minnesota broke into a woman’s house earlier this month and robbed the place.  And the cops caught him . . . because he had on his GPS ANKLE BRACELET.  He got the ankle monitor after he was caught robbing a Subway last month.  He’s facing several charges.

Officials at Logan International Airport in Boston held a drill yesterday that involved a plane being lit on FIRE.  Unfortunately they forgot to tell people, so everyone at the airport thought a plane crashed.