15 Frustrating People At The Movies

1. Mr. 20-Questions: If you just stopped talking then you’d realize your questions could be answered by simply watching the movie.

2. The Crying Baby: It’s pretty hard to hear the movie over the sounds of a cranky child.

3. The Person Who Has Never Seen a 3D Movie: We understand, it’s cool when things come at us in 3D, but you don’t have to voice it every time it happens.

4. Loud Eaters: There’s nothing worse than when a suspenseful scene is ruined because the person next to you doesn’t know how to chew quietly.

5. The Constant Texter: The phone’s glow doesn’t just mess up the balanced lighting in the room, it also forces you to snap back to reality.

6. The Inappropriate Laughter: A character slipping and falling into a pool, funny. A character crying over the tragic death of a loved one, not funny.

7. Someone Sitting Next To You In A Near-Empty Auditorium: There are rows of empty seats available and someone decides to randomly pick the seat directly next to you.

8. Sold Out Snacks: Movie theater food is a huge part of what makes movies so good, so it’s especially upsetting when your favorite snacks are unavailable.

9. The Person Who Brought Food From Home: Sneaking in candy is one thing, but no one wants to smell burgers, chicken or your grandmother’s homemade taco salad.

10. The Annoying Couple: Couples tend to be annoying when they attend movies together- constantly talking, making noise as they pass popcorn, or sneaking kisses.

11. The Screamer: This person screams at anything. The sound of stairs creaking? Screaming. Random camera angles? Screaming! Everything is answered with a scream.

12. The Critic: Most people give their critiques during the previews, but this guy reviews the entire movie as it happens on screen.

13. The Group of Preteens: Nothing is more obnoxious than a group of preteens giggling at ‘adult’ jokes and hints of nudity, while talking through the entire film.

14. The Sick Person: The sick person heads to the theater with tissues and a bag of cough drops in their bag, and they constantly sneeze and cough.

15. The Narrator: The narrator points out each obvious action on the screen, as if they don’t understand that you can clearly see everything they’re seeing.