Julia Collins’ 20-game Jeopardy winning streak ended on Monday. She won $428,100

Michael Strahan is opening a nightclub lounge in New York

Arby’s is testing Cheddar Pretzel Nuggets in select restaurants. A 5-pack costs $1.99

With the Clippers selling for $2 billion, Donald Sterling made a 15,900% return on his original $12.5 million investment

Myspace has been emailing old members embarrassing photos, to get them to log back in.  I guess they figure if you log in to delete your account, you’ll see the NEW Myspace and start using it again?  Let’s see if the blackmail works.

Reds True BBQ, in Manchester, England, is selling the Holy Cow Burger for Father’s Day. It contains 17 different types of beef and 2,500 calories. Metro UK says the meats include Carpaccio, Texas-smoked brisket, steak burger, pulled oxtail, mustard-pickled tongue, sticky beef au jus, smoked beef rib, Wagyu rib eye steak and bacon, among other meats. The sandwich costs $35.

Deerfield Beach, Florida firefighters recently rushed to a complex after a surprise birthday cake ignited. A family hid the cake on top of a washing machine and closed the closet door. Minutes later, they opened the door during the surprise birthday bash and got rained on by the fire sprinkler system. Two apartments below were flooded. There were no injuries.

Man Calls Cops On Wife For Taking Beer: Carlos Mir recently called the West Palm Beach, Florida police to report that his wife threw out his beer. When officers arrived, they found the 49 year-old intoxicated and told him not to call 911 again. Mir ignored the cops and called 911 again. He called 911 seven times in four hours and was charged with misuse of the 911 emergency system.

According to a new survey, there’s a tie when it comes to what dads want most for Father’s Day . . . gift cards, and spending quality time with you.  Also, 20% of us think it’s fine just to send a TEXT MESSAGE on Father’s Day.  And the average Father’s Day present costs $61, compared to $68 for Mother’s Day.

There’s a family in Beeville, Texas . . . which is in Bee County, Texas . . . that was just attacked by BEES.  They were clearing some brush when a massive swarm of bees attacked them.  It took 15 firefighters and nine cops to get the bees off them.  All of them took a TON of bee stings but they’re all going to be okay. 

A 26-year-old guy in China just got a DETACHED RETINA from texting his girlfriend in the dark too much.  He’d text her for several hours in bed, it put a ton of strain on his retina, and he needed emergency surgery to have it reattached. 

England woman recently called 999 (911) to report that an ice cream vendor did not place enough chocolate sprinkles on her ice cream.The police Tweeted: “999 call from adult female who was reporting an ice cream vendor for not putting enough chocolate sprinkles on her cone… #unbelievable”

Now that weed is legal in Washington state, they have marijuana EVERYTHING . . . including a new cannabis-infused COFFEE.  (Which kind of seems like it would just counteract itself. – It’s so good, you’ll want to make another pot.

A bunch of kids in Sweden had to evacuate their classroom yesterday . . . when a MOOSE jumped through one of the windows.

A paramedic in New York walked into a Dunkin’ Donuts to get coffee, and the carbon monoxide detector he had started beeping.  So he evacuated the place.  It turned out a vent in one of the ovens was broken, and it could have KILLED the workers.

Powerball’s top five states with winning Powerball tickets worth at least $1 million: New York (19), Florida (17), California (13), Pennsylvania and Texas (10) and West Virginia (9)

A Tennessee bride is defending her decision to go down the aisle with her one-month-old baby attached to the train of her wedding dress. [You know Kim and Kanye are kicking themselves for not thinking of that one.]

DUCK TAPE WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT – The Avon Heritage Duck Tape Festival is going for a new world record on June 14 in Avon, Ohio. Organizers are looking for at least 250 people to show up wearing a Duck Tape outfit. The maker of Duck Tape is headquartered in Avon.

FLIGHT RETURNED DUE TO CLOGGED TOILETS – An Air India flight that took off from Delhi was forced to turn around and head back because all four of its toilets were clogged. And it wasn’t a short flight. The plane was carrying 241 passengers for the eight-hour journey.

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