Mario Lopez’s memoir, Just Between Us, will go on sale on September 30th and will feature his “most intimate never-before-told stories” about being a teen idol

Walgreen’s has developed talking pill bottles. The talking tops tell you when it’s time to take your medicine and how much to take. The talking pill bottles are free for customers who are blind or visually impaired. Any customer can buy the talking pill bottles for $9.99. claims Kourtney Kardashian is expecting her third child

Some Hobby Lobby stores are already selling Xmas decorations

30-second Super Bowl ads for next year’s game are going to cost $4.5 million a piece

The U.S. World Cup soccer team is not banning players from having sex during the upcoming tourney

Donald Sterling has agreed to sell the Clippers and will not sue the NBA

NUMBER FOR THE DAY – 15: Percentage of pet owners who dress up their pet at least once a week.

The Cubs’ scoreboard operator fell asleep during the team’s 2-1 win over the Mets on Tuesday. Pics of the snoozer are online.

AMAZON WILL LIKELY UNVEIL ITS SMARTPHONE JUNE 18 – Amazon has a big event scheduled for June 18, where the company plans to unveil a new… something. Amazon isn’t saying what it is, but it’s probably a smartphone. One predicted feature: a 3D user interface that relies on front-facing sensors to track your eye movements and adjust on-screen elements accordingly. Here’s Amazon’s teaser.

Brooklyn’s Los Pollitos III Mexican restaurant offers drinks for women and for men. The female drinks contain light alcohol while the male drinks contain extra booze. The femme drinks cost $7 a piece while all other drinks cost $9. No one has complained.

Ostendo Technologies is developing new smartphone technology that will allow phones to produce 3D holograms like in the movie Star Wars. The holograms would have 5,000 pixels per inch while Apple’s iPad has just 300 pixels per inch. The US Air Force will get the technology first in July 2016. Ostendo has spent 9 years developing the technology.

The International Business Times claims crows are attacking blondes in London. Bird expert Paul Standcliffe tells the London Evening Standard: “The reaction to fair hair may be a response to a previous attack by a creature with lighter hair or fur, like a Labrador.” Sarah Green was attacked and says: “The bird swooped down very fast, landed on my head and started pecking away. It was the shock of it: it felt quite big and strong. I was shaking my head and flapping my arms and trying to get it off me. It had its claws in my hair. It was quite hard to shake off. It’s put me off running around the park. I think I’m going to stick to the roads.”

A guy in Japan claims his 29-year-old wife is divorcing him because she made him watch the movie “Frozen”, and he said it was just “okay.”  So she moved in with her parents, stopped talking to him, and said that if you don’t like“Frozen”, there’s something wrong with you as a HUMAN BEING. 

According to a new study, if you want to be great at your job . . . just do 10,000 hours of meditation.  (that’s over 415 days)

A zoo in the Canary Islands ran a drill this week where an employee ran around in a gorilla suit, so the staff could practice how they’d handle a loose gorilla.  But one worker didn’t know about the drill, thought it was an ACTUAL gorilla, and shot the guy with a tranquilizer dart. 

Officials in Indiana discovered a woman had been living with her dead husband’s body for over NINE MONTHS.  Now she’s asked them to take his body to a place in Texas where researchers study vultures while they EAT human bodies . . . because she claims that’s what he wanted. 

A guy was mountain biking in South Africa on Saturday, when three guys robbed him at gunpoint, and took his bike, phone, keys, and sunglasses.  But the biker had a GoPro camera on his helmet, recorded the whole thing, and the cops used the video to arrest the guys. 

FROZEN STILL TOPS HOME VIDEO CHART – Frozen continues its domination of the DVD and Blu-ray Disc sales chart. It was number one again last week, marking the eighth time in a dozen weeks it’s been at the top.