WOMAN INVENTS FISH AND CHIPS ICE CREAM – A woman in the England seaside town of Whitby has finally hit on the perfect ice cream flavor – and just in time for summer. Are you ready for this? Ready to get your lickin’ on with a triple-scooper? Shane Teare, the owner of Teare Woods ice cream parlor, has come up with a fish and chips ice cream flavor.

WORLD’S LARGEST VIDEO GAME COLLECTION FOR SALE – The “World’s Largest Video Game Collection” has been officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records – and you can own it. The collection consists of 10,607 games verified by Guinness during an official count performed on December 3, 2012, as well as four hundred plus more games that have been acquired since. Current auction price is $98,500. 

There’s a 31-year-old guy from Pittsburgh who says he’s WIRED to date older women . . . MUCH older.  For the past five years he’s been dating and having sex with a 91-year-old great-grandmother . . . but not exclusively, because he’s also been dating other older women on the side.  He says he’s not in it for inheritance money . . . he says he’s just only attracted to, quote, “old ladies.”

A real estate website just ranked the U.S. states by STRESS, based on things like commute times and the unemployment rate.  Florida is the most stressed state in the country, just ahead of Georgia, New Jersey, and California.  The least stressed state is North Dakota.

A 55-year-old guy died in a motorcycle crash on Wednesday . . . and the next morning, his 52-year-old ex-wife and her new husband broke into his house to take some stuff.  When the cops got there, she told them he’d left it to her in his living will . . . but obviously she was still arrested for burglary and criminal damage.

Some guy in Seattle fell while he was climbing the side of a building, landed on an awning, and survived.  And when police asked WHY he was climbing the building, he said he was trying to get closer to GOD.  But he was also on meth.

Another Friday the 13th will occur at the end of this week. says not all people experience bad luck on Friday the 13th. A British couple won $17 million after buying a lottery ticket on a Friday the 13th. That same day their mirror fell and broke.

Whitehall, Montana residents recently found gold specs in their tap water. Metro UK claims a nearby gold mine allegedly contaminated the water flow. Some officials are denying this. The gold is not worth much.

The Boyertown, Pennsylvania Area School District recently suspended an aide after she tricked students into eating pet snacks. The aide told 75 fourth graders that the snacks were cookies. No injuries were reported.

A pair of British parents were recently arrested for allowing their 11-year-old son to balloon to 210 pounds. He is 5’1” and has a body mass index of 41.8. Anything over 30 is considered obese. The boy’s father tells The Sun: “My son has always been big. Everyone on my side of the family is.” His mom says: “I’m chubby and the whole of my husband’s side of the family is big. Its genetics, you can be genetically fat.”The parents were charged with neglect and child cruelty.

A thief broke into Sandra Bullock’s L.A. home yesterday around 6:30 a.m.. She was home at the time. The suspect was detained by police. NBC has identified him as 39 year-old Joshua Corbett

Japan’s Fatyo clothing company has replaced their small, medium and large clothing size labels with titch, skinny, fat and jumbo labels. The company says they are trying to make the word ‘fat’ cool. Japan has the lowest obesity rates in the world.

‘Lebroning’ has replaced ‘Tebowing’. ‘LeBroning’ involves two friends carrying a third and is meant to mimic the way LeBron was carried off the court after cramping in Game 1 of the NBA Finals

Gatorade took a shot at LeBron James when they Tweeted: The person cramping wasn’t our client. Our athletes can take the heat.

Forrest Gump will be released in IMAX theatres to celebrate its 20th anniversary

Melanie Griffith is divorcing Antonio Banderas after 18 years. This was her fourth marriage.

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian are now taking pole classes

The NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars have upgraded their stadium with pool cabanas.Fans can rent them for $12,500 per game

Tonalist won the Belmont Stakes. Potential Triple Crown winner California Chrome finished fourth

FAULT IN OUR STARS WINS WEEKEND BOX OFFICE  – Shailene Woodley’s The Fault in Our Stars lived up to the hype and then-some, earning a massive $48.2 million over the weekend (including $8.2 million worth of Thursday sneak previews). Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow debuted with $29.1 in ticket sales.

NBC GETS BIG RATINGS WITH BELMONT STAKES – California Chrome’s run for a historic Triple Crown at the 146th Belmont Stakes concluded in a dead-heat tie for fourth place as Tonalist won the race – but the real winner was NBC, which had just over 20 million viewers.