SAYING ‘LIKE’ ALL THE TIME ISN’T ALL BAD – Those who speak by packing their sentences with words such as “you know,” “I mean,” and “like” aren’t being ditzy — they’re being conscientious. So suggests a new study (in the Journal of Language and Social Psychology) whose authors say that such “filler words” tend to be used by people who are more thoughtful than most. 

 MAN ARRESTED FOR SHOOTING AT MOON – An Arizona man arrested for unlawfully discharging a firearm told authorities that he was trying to shoot the moon. The 39-year-old also admitted to smoking marijuana before the incident.

Floyd Mayweather tops Forbes’ annual list of the world’s highest-paid athletes. He earned $105 million in the past year. Portugal soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo ranked second ($80 million) followed by LeBron James ($72.3 million). Floyd is driving a new $1.8 million Bugatti around Miami

The Daily Mail claims JLo is looking to date older men. A source tells the paper: ”She wants to have a relationship with a guy who is older and has an established career.” The NY Daily News claims she is dating Maksim Chmerkovskiy claims pop star Robin Thicke is naming his new CD “Paula” after his wife, actress Paula Patton

PAULA DEEN COOKING UP PAID DIGITAL NETWORK – Paula Deen is taking the next step into reinserting herself into your life: The fallen Food Network star is going digital in her quest for a comeback, announcing plans Wednesday for the Paula Deen Network, a paid subscription-based network set to launch in September that will be accessible by computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Hackers may have stolen credit and debit card information from PF Chang’s customers. The chain is investigating

With summer here, women are undergoing ‘Cinderella surgery’ so they can wear designer shoes. The procedure involves having toes surgically shortened so women’s feet will fit into high-heeled, high fashion sandals. Toes are also being lengthened with filler so women can wear high heels for longer.

Coke is launching a new drink called Coca-Cola Life. It comes in a green can and is made with leaf sweetener from South America. The drink has a third less sugar and calories than regular Coke. Coca-Cola Life is being tested in Argentina and Chile and could hit store shelves in the Fall

A new study just found the average woman who diets spends more than $176,000 on dieting in their lifetime . . . and almost all of it goes to waste since diets almost never stick.  That breaks down to about $50-a-week on special foods, exercise classes and gym membership, diet program fees, and supplements. 

There’s a 29-year-old woman in England with a GIANT Hello Kitty collection . . . 10,000 items that she’s spent $84,000 on.  And believe it or not, she’s single.  She says, quote, “If a man doesn’t like my Kitty kingdom and can’t accept me for who I am, then I’m not interested in them.” 

A woman in Florida was arrested for throwing something at someone in their car.  We don’t know what she threw, but it would have been WAY better if she was arrested for crystal meth . . . because her name is Crystal Metheney.

Back in January, a woman in Florida was arrested by mistake, because she had the same first and last name as the woman police MEANT to arrest.  And she was in jail for a MONTH before they realized what happened and let her go.  Shortly after that, they showed up and arrested her AGAIN for the same crime.  Now she’s planning to sue.