HELLO, SUMMER- Summer begins Saturday (5:51 a.m. cT).

In golf, the women’s US Open began Thursday with an 11-year-old player in the field. [She keeps getting into the other players heads by saying, “Nice shot, grandma.”]

HARLEY-DAVIDSON LIVEWIRE ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE – The Harley-Davidson Livewire Electric Motorcycle is unfortunately not for sale (yet), but it will be available to ride at over 30 dealers across the country. The company unveiled the new bike Thursday. 

YO NOW HAS OVER 200,000 USERS – Heard of Yo? It’s a new app that does one thing: Sends “Yo” notifications to your friends. And it already has over 200,000 users. The app has already received $1 million in funding and is free for iOS and Android users. Despite being released on April Fool’s Day the company says it’s not a joke.

RACCOON GETS HEAD STUCK IN P.B. JAR – In Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada, a raccoon became trapped at the top of a transformer pole with a mostly empty jar of peanut butter stuck on its head.

Showbiz 411 claims JLo’s new CD “AKA” is predicted to debut with just 35,000 copies sold.

Starting in August, New York is going to let people get buried next to their pets in PET CEMETERIES.

A guy in Indiana broke into an elderly couple’s house, and told the woman to tie her husband up with duct tape.  Instead, she started beating the guy with a wooden back scratcher . . . then with a WRENCH until he ran off.

World Cup visitors are being warned to stay away from certain Brazilian beaches because of recent shark attacks

Transformers 5 will be released in 2016

Gossip Cop claims Ellen has no plans to start her own magazine and compete with Oprah. The Star claims she was thinking about it

Thrift stores are seeing a rise in their teen clientele because students are selling their old clothes to get gas money

If you think thongs and G-Strings cover you up too much . . . check out the C-STRING.  It’s a new type of underwear that covers you in the front, loops between your legs, and covers a little of your crack.  There’s no waistband . . . it holds itself in place thanks to the wire inside. 

A 30-year-old guy was arrested in California on Wednesday for a felony weapons charge, and the police department posted his mugshot on Facebook.  Since then, it’s gone viral . . . because women find this guy extremely HANDSOME. 

A guy in Indiana was arrested recently after police found out he was dealing drugs from his house.  And they knew about it because he’d written “Drugs This Way” on the side of a nearby garage . . . with an arrow pointing to his house.

Uruguay’s World Cup soccer team thinks they may have been jinxed after Brazilian customs officials confiscated their favorite spread. Inspectors seized 80 pounds of dulce de leche just after the team landed in Rio because it lacked a health certificate. Dulce de leche is spread on toast and cakes.The Uruguayan newspaper El Pais wrote: “Uruguay’s 3-1 defeat in its World Cup debut could have another explanation: a lack of dulce de leche after Brazilian health authorities seized a consignment brought by the national team.” — Uraguay’s hotel rooms are infested with termites. The team claims they are being sabotaged. The termites started crawling on players in the middle of the night.

IN THEATERS THIS WEEKEND- Jersey Boys (R); Think Like A Man Too (PG-13); The Rover (R, moving to wider release)