Uruguay advanced yesterday in the World Cup by beating Italy 1-0. Uruguay’s Luis Suarez bit an Italian player on the shoulder during the game. He was not penalized. Luis has bitten two previous players in his career. 

MSN claims a Norwegian man won $916 after Uruguay’s Luis Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini during yesterday’s World Cup match. Thomas Syversen bet on odds of 175-to-1 that Suarez would bite someone during the game. 38 other people also won money on the bite. One bettor won $3,300.

Lebron James opted out of his contract yesterday with the Miami Heat and became a free agent

The Harlem Globetrotters drafted Johnny Manziel yesterday and said: “Johnny Manziel is a fantastic athlete that knows how to be entertaining. ‘Johnny Basketball’ has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?’’

Gawker claims Dial is now selling a Greek Yogurt Vanilla Honey Moisturizing Body Wash

Limeade Oreos are now available in stores

George Lucas is building a $700 million museum in Chicago that will display Star Wars movie memorabilia

Here’s a trick you can use to make a tough decision:  It’s the “10-10-10 Rule.”  You look at the possible solutions and answer three questions:  What are the consequences of the decision in 10 minutes?  What about in 10 months?  And finally, in 10 years?  Supposedly it helps you make the decision logically, instead of emotionally.

A woman in Tennessee was just banned for life from the Memphis Zoo . . . because she wouldn’t stop feeding the lions COOKIES.  She even jumped into the lion enclosure on Monday to feed them and sing to them . . . fortunately the staff got her out before the lions could maul her.

A 26-year-old guy in Minnesota broke into a house last week, stole some cash and credit cards, and logged into Facebook on a computer while he was there . . . but he forgot to log out.  So when the victim got home, he passed along the guy’s info to the cops, and they arrested him.  He’s facing up to 10 years in prison. 

A 50-year-old guy on a cell phone walked calmly into a McDonald’s in New York yesterday morning . . . with a six-inch KITCHEN KNIFE sticking out of his back.  He’d been in a knife fight with two men, and was taken to the hospital in serious condition.  Police are still looking for the other guys.

World View Enterprises, of Tucson Arizona, has successfully tested its high-altitude balloon, which is capable of taking tourists to the edge of space. Once approved, the balloon will take thrillseekers 120,000 feet in the air. Two-hour flights will begin in 2016 and will cost $75,000 per person.

Londoner Stuart Ketell plans to push a Brussel sprout up a mountain with his nose for charity. He estimates the 9.5-mile climb will take four days. Stuart is bringing 50 spare sprouts with him. He is using a nose guard, elbow pads, gloves and knee pads. The money that Stuart raises will go to fight cancer.