The U.S. lost to Germany 1-0 in the World Cup yesterday.  But it’s basically still a win because they advanced to the next round.  It’s complicated, but it’s because of a tiebreaker over Portugal.  (Portugal beat Ghana 2-1, so the U.S. and Portugal both had 4 points in the group.  In that case the team with the best goal differential advances.  It’s the number of goals scored versus the number of goals allowed, and the U.S. was better because Portugal lost big to Germany in their first match.  We face Belgium on Tuesday in the round of 16

Barack Obama watched the game while traveling on Air Force One

American businesses lost $390 million in productivity yesterday because of the U.S.’ World Cup soccer game. The company estimated that 8 million people took a two-hour break to watch the game and that each worker makes $24.38 an hour. Productivity will be down on Tuesday when the U.S. plays Belgium.

Mensa, the organization for supersmart people, is teaming up with to find good matches for their members. [If they’re so smart, how come they can’t figure out how to do this by themselves?]

CORVETTE MUSEUM SINKHOLE TO STICK AROUND – The Corvette Museum sinkhole has had a strange unintended side effect: attendance and sinkhole-related merchandise sales at the Bowling Green, Kentucky museum have risen sharply. Now the museum’s board has decided to keep it around.

PEESEARCH – Scientific American reports that scientists have found that the average time it takes for any mammal over 6.5 pounds to urinate is a consistent 21 seconds whether it’s a huge elephant or a cat.

DOWNLOAD THIS APP – Figuring out the number of pizzas to order for a group is an unnecessary headache. Pizza Counter suggests a number of pizzas to order based on the size of a group, their appetite, and the pie size selected. The app is free. | iOS app link

The NY Daily News and TMZ claim Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd will be leaving The View. Jenny Tweeted: If Sherri goes… I go too. My View will be changing too. As will with many hard working folks. Thanks to everyone at the show for your dedication and an amazing year.

The first floor of Chicago’s Trump Tower flooded yesterday after a pipe burst

Popsugar claims Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid have gotten engaged

Friends Fun Wine is selling two new wines that come in a can: Cabernet Coffee Espresso and Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino. Both are lo-cal drinks

The Daily Mail claims a 230% jump in bikini sales among women over 50 can be attributed to Helen Mirren being photographed in one several years ago

A woman from New Jersey is suing her former company . . . because they made her drive to work during rush hour.  She asked her bosses if she could come in AFTER rush hour, and leave BEFORE rush hour, because the traffic made her anxiety worse.  They said no, and she wound up getting fired six months later. 

Two guys bought a Powerball ticket in New Jersey last year that won a million dollars.  But when they checked the Powerball website right after the drawing, it hadn’t updated . . . so they thought they lost and threw the ticket away.  Now they’re suing for the $1 million, and say they can prove they had the winning ticket. The winning ticket DID come from that 7-Eleven, and hasn’t been claimed.  Also, they bought two other tickets that they DIDN’T throw out, and the serial numbers on them are in sequence . . . one right before the winning ticket and one right after.

A couple in Juneau, Alaska were setting up for their kid’s birthday party on Wednesday . . . when a BEAR crashed through their skylight, landed three feet from them, and started eating all the CUPCAKES.  They eventually got it out of the house by opening a back door and YELLING at it. 

A Maryland chiropractor has been sentenced to prison after it was discovered he was running half-marathons, despite suing over “serious” injuries he claims he suffered in a car crash. He’s five months in prison for disability fraud

The fight to ban sodas over 16 ounces in New York is officially over.  Yesterday, the people who wanted it to happen LOST their final appeal.  So gigantic sodas are still legal.

A 43-year-old guy from England broke into a pub last month, stole two cash registers and two TVs, put them in his car, then went back in to steal more stuff.  But while he was inside, someone broke into his car . . . and stole the stuff HE’D just stolen.  He just pleaded guilty to one count of burglary . . . the cops haven’t caught whoever robbed him.

A 35-year-old guy in Ohio stole a bunch of air conditioners last summer . . . and didn’t realize that he was actually committing a federal crime in the process.  Every time he’d steal one, it would release Freon into the air . . . which is illegal under the Clean Air Act.  He just pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 31 months in federal prison. 

Kentucky For Kentucky is launching a new line of 14-karat gold-plated necklaces made from the bones of KFC fried chicken. The bones are painted with varnish, covered in copper and then electroplated in gold. Small necklaces cost $130 while large ones go for $160.

Londoner Mukra Mirza recently stripped naked during a job interview. The IT company wrote a letter following the interview that read: “Where as we loved your Karaoke version of ‘It’s Raining Men” we feel the strip tease was a little unnecessary. We all enjoyed his extrovert performance and big effort to impress, but finding a role for him is going to prove difficult. We don’t have much call for an individual who strips and breaks into song in IT recruitment. We suggest moving forward you seek medical attention before attending further interviews.”