Politico claims 98% of consumer fireworks and 75% of fireworks for big shows are made in China

Shakira is going to perform at the World Cup closing ceremony

Tyler Perry has won a trademark for “What Would Jesus Do.”

Malia Obama turned 16 on Friday and got a new car, which she can’t drive alone in D.C. until she turns 17

KTAR claims Flagstaff, Arizona has banned biking and texting although bikers may look at their phones at stoplights

A Three Stooges burger chain is being launched. Diners will be able to order from tableside tablets while watching Stooges’ shows

The Dirty claims Donald Sterling’s alleged ex, V Stiviano, is attempting to pursue a recording career

TMZ claims Richard Pryor’s kids want Marlon Wayans to play their dad in a new movie about his life and not Nick Cannon. The kids feel that Marlon better understands their dad. TMZ claims Pryor’s widow wants Terrence Howard to play him.

Hangover star Ken Jeong is joining the cast of Ride Along 2

The latest edition of Travel + Leisure’s annual reader poll lists the world’s best hotel as Triple Creek Ranch in Darby, Montana. [The hotel scores high for having no noise, no traffic, and no celebrities.]

FINNISH COUPLE WINS 19th WORLD WIFE CARRYING CHAMPIONSHIPS- A Finnish couple (Ville Parviainen and Janette Oksman) have won 19th World Wife Carrying Championships. The couple finished the 278-yard obstacle course in 63.75 seconds on Saturday.

NOT SLEEPING ENOUGH MAKES YOU AGE FASTER – We already know that getting enough sleep plays a huge role in health, from maintaining a healthy weight and staving off the common cold, to just plain keeping you sane. Well, new research is showing that getting enough sleep may also slow down the aging process and keep your body younger for longer. Researchers (at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore) have found that when older adults sleep less, their brains actually age faster.

WOMEN PREFER MEN WITH A LITTLE RELATIONSHIP EXPERIENCE – A survey of college women found a man with one to two ex girlfriends is much more desirable than a dude with no exes. So if a guy with two relationships was attractive, how about a guy with 5 or more relationships? He must be off the charts, right? Not really. Men with many women in their past were perceived as likely to stray.

DWI SUSPECT BLAMES CRASH ON 3 ANIMALS, TREE – Police surely hear all kinds of excuses from drivers looking to deflect blame after an accident, but a man in College Station, Texas, gets points for originality. He told officers that he swerved to avoid a turtle, a cat, a squirrel, and an overhanging tree. They listened carefully and charged him with DWI.

A 60-year-old man left his dog in a hot car while he was at a convenience store last week . . . and people called the cops.  When the guy got outside, he was drunk and the cops wanted to arrest him for a DUI . . . but he told them the DOG had driven him to the store.  They didn’t believe him and he was arrested for a DUI and animal cruelty. 

American Apparel was posting photos of fireworks online for the Fourth of July, but one of them was actually the explosion of the Challenger SPACE SHUTTLE.  They pulled it down after people called them on it, and blamed it on, quote, “one of our international social media employees who was born after the tragedy.” 

JOEY CHESTNUT took down 61 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes to win the annual Fourth of July hot dog eating contest in New York for the eighth straight year.  And before this year’s contest, he proposed to his girlfriend on stage.  She said yes.

In a new study, scientists had people sit in a waiting room without their phones . . . but with a button where they could give themselves a mild electric shock.  And we’ve gotten so desperate for any form of stimulation, that one in four women and two out of three men sat there shocking themselves.

A 23-year-old woman in England accidentally had $89,000 deposited into her bank account last year . . . and within 48 hours she’d spent $14,000 on designer clothes, shoes, and purses.  But now a court’s making her pay it all back . . . and she says they’re only doing it because she’s so ATTRACTIVE. 

John Fletcher recently attached 10,500 firecrackers to his body before setting them off. The 51 year-old Michigan man performs under the name ”Ghengis John the Human Firecracker.” He has been doing shows for 16 years and has fractured his ribs 17 times. John says it takes two weeks to attach the firecrackers to a special suit. He plans to retire soon.

Garth Brooks performing in Ireland? Maybe not. Two of Garth’s five Croke Park shows in Dublin, Ireland scheduled for July 25-29 have been cancelled after the city issued a license for no more than three. Promoter Peter Aiken tbelieves all the shows are now in jeopardy and may not happen.  Later, Garth added:  “I can’t thank the people of Ireland enough for how welcome they have made me feel. I have faith that Dublin City Council will make the best decision for the people of Ireland. For us, it is five shows or none at all.To choose which shows to do and which shows not to do, would be like asking to choose one child over another. However this plays out, Ireland has my heart and always will.” Meantime, Garth’s website made the following post, “The wait is over…7/7”, hinting at an upcoming announcement today.

TRANSFORMERS WINS AGAIN – Transformers: Age of Extinction was the box office champ again, making $36.4 million. Tammy debuted in second with $21.1 million in ticket sales.