Contact Music claims Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez are getting close on their Italian vacation. The paparazzi caught them kissing on a yacht.

Christian Louboutin is launching his own line of red nail polish to match his red soled shoes

Chicago brewer Jared Rouben has created a $120 truffle-infused beer. Moody Tongue’s Shaved Black Truffle Pilsner features hand-shaven truffles

Hostess is re-introducing Chocodile Twinkies to the marketplace. Chocolate Cr�me, Strawberry Cr�me and Banana Cr�me Twinkies are also available this summer

The Telegraph claims Wisconsin’s Kemps Dairy set a new world record for the largest ice cream scoop. The scoop weighed 3,010 pounds and would be as large as a football field if spread out

The Hollywood Reporter claims AMC Theatres is spending $600 million to remodel its theaters with larger, fully reclining seats

Brand Eating claims Friday is 7-Eleven Day as the chain will be offering free small Slurpees from 11 am to 7 pm

Iraqi intelligence claims that the recent video of the head of the terrorist group ISIS is fake, and the person in the video is an imposter. [Well, I wouldn’t be surprised. That Meryl Streep can do anything.]

30 GRAPES SOLD FOR $4,000 IN JAPAN – Some Ruby Roman grapes were sold for $4,000 at an auction over the weekend in Japan. A wedding hall operator purchased the bunch of approximately 30 grapes, which weighed just under 2 pounds. The grapes – which cost around $180 each – will be served at the wedding hall.

BIGGEST MALL ON THE PLANET IS PLANNED – Dubai’s next large construction project is a shopping mall with climate-controlled streets, the world’s largest indoor theme park, and 100 hotels and apartments. The “Mall Of The World,” as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) city is calling it, will occupy 48 million square feet. The major draw for this Persian Gulf attraction is the completely air-conditioned shopping experience. In the cooler months the ceiling will open.

JESSICA SIMPSON AND ERIC JOHNSON’S LAVISH $1.4 MILLION WEDDING – Jessica Simpson’s romantic wedding to Eric Johnson cost approximately $1.4 million from start to finish. That’s the guess, anyway.

A new study found that the average worker spends 22 minutes messing around on their phone during an eight-hour workday.  But it makes them happier, and possibly more productive

The Daily Mail claims has become a booming business in the U.S., Brazil and Canada. Members pay $24.95 a month to meet others in their area. The website claims no physical contact is allowed between any members. Many people buy friends to go shopping, to go to the park, to go sightseeing, to cook and for wingman and wingwoman purposes.

The Running of the Bulls kicked off yesterday in Pamplona, Spain. A 52 year-old man was gored in the groin. He is expected to be ok. Runners can be fined $82,000 for videotaping the race and for running while drunk.

Dermatologists in Maryland say they’re seeing fewer teenagers with early signs of sun damage on their foreheads . . . and they think it’s because JUSTIN BIEBER made it cool for kids to wear their BANGS over their foreheads. 

After police pulled a guy over in China, they realized he had NO ARMS, and was driving by using his right foot for the gas, and his left foot to steer.  It turns out he’s racked up over 100,000 MILES on his car driving like that.  But they say it’s too dangerous, and he has to stop. 

A woman was driving drunk in England on Sunday afternoon and got into a three-car accident.  Then she fled the scene . . . and went to a PUB.  When the cops got there, she refused to take a breathalyzer . . . because she said she was, quote, “too busy drinking.”  She was arrested. 

A guy in Florida called in a fake bomb threat at the electric company last week, from a pay phone outside a gas station.  But before he did, he went inside to get change . . . because he didn’t realize he could call 911 for free.  So the security cameras got a perfect look at his face, and now the cops are tracking him down.

A new survey asked men which sports women look the SEXIEST playing.  The top three are horseback riding, golf, and tennis.

A 26-year-old guy went to a Yankees game in April and FELL ASLEEP.  And when the ESPN cameras caught him, the commentators made fun of him a little bit.  So now he’s SUING them AND Major League Baseball for $10 million. 

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