July 15th is the 196th day of the year. There are 169 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 163 days remaining until Christmas

Today is Gummy Worm Day, National I Love Horses Day and National Tapioca Pudding Day, Cow Appreciation Day.

MOO – Today is Cow Appreciation Day.

 A new report says that most American teenagers can’t properly understand their employer’s pay stub. [So more and more employers are having to switch to emoticons.]

42 IS THE SEXIEST AGE – 42 is the sexiest age. Not 19, 27, or 35, but 42. Esquire says 42 is the most alluring age for a woman. Life lasts longer than it ever used to; “so does beauty, fertility, and sex.” Christina Applegate, Jennifer Garner, Maya Rudolph, Cameron Diaz, Sofia Vergara, Leslie Mann, and Amy Poehler are all 42.

COMPLAIN ABOUT ROADWORK, GET ARRESTED – A man in China was detained for defamation of a local official when he went online to complain about a shoddy highway project. The man served 10 days in detention and was fined $80 after posting three messages online with photos showing pockmarked sections of the highway.

NUMBER FOR THE DAY – 37 billion: Hours American spend waiting in line each year.

Pizza Hut is offering a new pizza called the Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie. It costs $5.99

Erin Andrews has replaced Pam Oliver as Fox’s top football sideline reporter

A new study by John Carroll University reveals that LeBron James will add $500 million to the local Cleveland economy. The team, ticket resellers, vendors and bars and restaurants will benefit the most

A new study says your friends aren’t your friends by accident . . . people gravitate toward people who have similar DNA.  So your genes match about 1% of your friends’ genes, which doesn’t sound like a lot . . . but it’s the same amount you’d share with someone who’s your fourth cousin.

Doctors at Harvard have figured out the best foods to instantly improve your mood.  It’s because they trigger the right chemicals in your brain.  Some of the big ones are pumpkin seeds, eggs, salmon, kiwi fruit, and dark chocolate. 

A three-year-old girl from the Philippines was pronounced dead on Friday morning. During her funeral on Saturday, the girl woke up and stunned family, friends and loved ones. A priest was preparing to administer the last sacrament when someone noticed the toddler move. The girl was rushed to a hospital.

Reveal magazine claims a 28 year-old East London woman has failed the written portion of her driver’s exam 110 times. She has spent over $5,000 trying to obtain a license. The woman always incorrectly answers the multiple choice questions.

A Zhongli, Taiwan office recently exploded after a cleaning crew member tossed a flaming cockroach into a toilet. The cleaner found the roach on the floor before lighting it on fire. She tossed the pest into a toilet before it exploded. The toilet was filled with cleaning fluids that the cleaners had used.

Kiyuu Oikawa recently created a lifelike likeness of his girlfriend’s head. The 19 year-old placed it over his showerhead so he can shower with his girl. When the water is turned on, it looks as if Kiyuu’s girlfriend is vomiting on him.

Competitive eater LA Beast decided to drink a gallon of honey – containing over 24,000 calories – while covered in bees.

A company in Japan is making ripped jeans that are actually ripped by WILD ANIMALS at the zoo

Police in Florida got a call yesterday afternoon about a suspicious object in the road . . . it was a chicken head in a pot, next to a paper bag with an unknown object inside.  So the bomb squad came in and blew it up.  Now they think it was all part of a VOODOO RITUAL. 

TV TONIGHT: MLB ALL STAR GAME – This is coverage of the 85th annual MLB All-Star Game from Minneapolis (FOX-TV).

ON DVD – Released July 15

Rio 2

Orphan Black: Season 2

Diff’rent Strokes Seasons 1 & 2