July 21st is the 202nd day of the year. There are 163 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 157 days remaining until Christmas

Today is National Junk Food Day, National Creme Brulee Day, National Get Out of the Dog House Day, Global Hug Your Kids Day and Marine Day

Two incredible coincidences have come out of the Malaysia Airlines disasters.  A woman in Australia lost her brother and sister-in-law on the flight that disappeared in March . . . and lost her stepdaughter on the flight that was shot down last week.  And a guy from the Netherlands was supposed to be on BOTH flights, but changed his tickets both times.

RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT TRIES TO CHANGE MH17 PAGE – The Russian government has reportedly been trying to tamper with the Wikipedia page relating to the Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight tragedy. A Russian language page originally said that the plane was “shot down by terrorists of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.” This was subsequently changed to was “shot down by Ukrainian soldiers.” 

Malaysian Airlines is offering refunds to passengers, who do not want to fly the airline in the immediate future.

MILEY CYRUS STILL ALIVE – Is Miley Cyrus dead? A death hoax took over the Internet Saturday night, claiming that Cyrus was found dead in a hotel room in Los Angeles. The alleged cause of death was a drug overdose. The hoax is actually part of a scam intended to get people to click links that lead to surveys despite advertising a “video” of Cyrus dead body.

The NY Post claims Casey Kasem’s daughter Kerri has gotten a restraining order that prevents Jean Kasem from cremating or removing his remains. She also wants an autopsy performed on her dad. Casey’s body will remain in cold storage. E! claims Casey’s body has gone missing from a Washington state funeral home. The Daily Mail claims it was flown to a funeral home in Montreal.

James Garner has died at age 86. He is best known for starring in The Notebook and The Rockford Files

MAN HAS 41 HOMERS INKED ON HIS BODY – A New Zealand fan of The Simpsons who was banned from watching the popular cartoon as a child has broken a world record after getting covered in tattoos of Homer Simpson. 27-year-old Lee Weir has 41 Homers on his body.

Washington state stores may now sell marijuana brownies and cookies, but not lollipops because they are too appealing to children

TMZ claims Lindsay Lohan’s sister Ali is launching a career in country music

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade have banned phones and cameras from their August 30th wedding

826,000 viewers watched the premiere of Dating Naked last Thursday

James Garner has died at age 86. He is best known for starring in The Notebook and The Rockford Files

Malcolm-Jamal Warner is joining the cast of Sons of Anarchy as Sticky, a member of the Grim Bastards and protege to T.O. Cross

Liam Neeson, Kim Kardashian, Jane Fonda and Willem Dafoe will guest star on The Simpsons next season

105 year-old Agnes McKee threw out the first pitch before yesterday’s Padres-Mets game. She is the oldest person to ever throw out the first pitch in an MLB game

The NY Post claims Scarlett Johansson will marry Romain Dauriac in August in either Paris or the Hamptons.

A guy in New York ordered a salad and found a rusty SCREW in it.  And ironically, the name of the place where he was eating is called “Just Salad.”

A 26-year-old recently posted a spreadsheet online that her husband made her, listing all the excuses she’d used to turn him down for sex in the past month.  Some of them are funny . . . like her wanting to watch an episode of“Friends” instead of sex . . . but clearly it shows some serious marital issues. 

A 27-year-old woman in Illinois shoplifted a leopard print dress from a store earlier this month . . . then took a few selfies in it, and posted them on FACEBOOK.  One of the store’s co-owners went on Facebook and posted about the stolen dress . . . and some people pointed him to the photos.  She was arrested for misdemeanor retail theft. 

A 28-year-old guy in California broke into a fast food place called El Pollo Loco last week, and tore it apart looking for cash.  And in the security footage he was wearing a bright green shirt and a hat with Animal from “The Muppets”.  Then he went back to get LUNCH a few hours later . . . WITHOUT changing his clothes.  So they recognized him and he was arrested. 

PLANET OF THE APES WINS BOX OFFICE – The weekend saw three new films, but none was strong enough to move Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Apes took in an estimated $36 million.  At #2 was “The Purge: Anarchy,” with $28.4 million….#3- “Planes: Fire & Rescue,” $18 million and #4 -“Sex Tape,” $15 million