August 13th is the 225th day of the year. There are 140 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 134 days remaining until Christmas – 19 weeks

Today is Lefthanders Day and National Filet Mignon Day

Some Democrats in Montana want Jeff Bridges to run for Senate. He lives in Livingston and has been an advocate of healthy school breakfasts and food pantries

The guys at Epic Meal Time recently created a Mega Oreo cookie called ‘The Megoreo’. It contained 146,800 calories and 8,475 grams of fat

The Miami Herald claims Justin Bieber has accepted a plea deal in his DUI case that calls for him to attend anger management classes

According to the ALS Association, 71,000 people have donated a total of $4 MILLION to help fight Lou Gehrig’s disease in the past two weeks.  And it’s all because of the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” The Kennedy family even challenged PRESIDENT OBAMA to do it.  But apparently someone decided there shouldn’t be footage of a sitting president dumping a bucket of ICE on his own head.  So yesterday, the White House said he’ll be donating.

Some people are doing the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ with chocolate syrup and milk

Pizza Marketplace claims Unique Pizza and Subs may develop a frozen marijuana pizza with an India-based pharmaceutical company. The CEO of the company says: “One of our largest shareholders has expressed a strong interest in owning the rights to distribute a Unique Marijuana Pizza throughout his home country of Canada and we will be working closely with him and his company on this project.”

A 22-year-old guy in Vermont got busted for driving drunk on Saturday night.  And while the cops were giving him a DUI, his brother drove up with their father.  But the cops noticed HE was drunk too.  And when the dad tried to move his son’s truck, they noticed he was ALSO drunk.  So all three were arrested.

A 29-year-old guy in England stole a fish tank from a store over the weekend, then took off running into the woods.  He stopped to pee . . . and didn’t realize he was peeing into a WASP’S NEST.  That woke up the wasps, they attacked him, and he ran away . . . back toward the pet store, where cops arrested him.

68 prisoners at Rikers Island in New York RIOTED on Monday, because “lights out” was changed from 11:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. . . . and they couldn’t watch their favorite TV shows, including Spanish soap operas and the ABC series,“Mistresses”.

A journalist in Sweden says his sons wanted to buy the latest “Call of Duty” video game.  So to show them what a REAL warzone looks like . . . he took them to SYRIA earlier this year.  And now they don’t want the game anymore.

A 21-year-old woman in Florida completed her house arrest last month, but then didn’t turn in her ankle bracelet.  So her probation officer left five voicemails, and she finally promised to bring it back.  But then she DIDN’T . . . and got arrested for grand theft.