August 14th is the 226th day of the year. There are 139 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 133 days remaining until Christmas- 18 weekends until Xmas

Today is Creamsicle Day and Assistance Dog Day

An online breakdown caused chaos on Tuesday, when eBay was out of action for most of the day, with buyers and sellers unable to log onto their accounts. The problem caused by the crucial ‘nuts and bolts’ of the internet – called the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). Experts warn…  major technical problems could become a regular occurrence for website users because the internet is running out of space.

Breitbart claims some Denver-area residents have been complaining about the smell coming from nearby marijuana farms. The air quality was tested and no violations were found

The Star claims 50 Cent is going to perform during Chelsea Handler’s last show

Yahoo claims Arnold Schwarzenegger brought his 16 year-old love child to the premiere of The Expendables 3

Maksim Chmerkovskiy is not returning to Dancing With the Stars

The Miami Herald claims Justin Bieber has accepted a plea deal in his DUI case that calls for him to attend anger management classes. He must complete 12 hours. Justin plead guilty to reckless driving and resisting arrest

66% of Burger King’s are phasing out their low-cal fries called Satisfries

Contrary to Internet reports, George Clooney’s fiance Amal Alamuddin is not pregnant

The Consumerist claims Candy Apple M&M’s have hit shelves

Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods will appear on the ‘Tonight Show’ on Monday

Adidas has a new line of sneakers that are all white, except for the bottom half . . .  because they’re made to look like you just stepped in a puddle of MUD.  On the bright side, they only cost $215. 

Here’s a new diet that sounds pretty easy . . . don’t count calories, just count the number of BITES.  Your goal is to take exactly 100 bites a day . . . that should give you the right amount of calories to lose weight but still keep your metabolism up.

Last month, a 32-year-old guy in Florida told police that the white powder they found in his pocket was just MAKE-UP.  And they might have believed him at first, because he appears to have the skin condition vitiligo.  But then they tested it to make sure.  And yeah . . . it was cocaine. 

A 14-year-old in Dallas camped inside a Walmart for FOUR days before being caught. 

To be goofy, a woman in Ohio recently took a photo of her granddaughter in a ROASTING PAN, like she was going to cook her.  But she says she won’t be taking goofy photos anymore . . . because she ended up being investigated for CHILD ABUSE. 

A guy in Portland, Oregon called the police’s non-emergency line on Monday night . . . to report a chicken crossing the road.  It was causing traffic problems, so the cops actually went out to look for it and the dispatcher thanked the guy for reporting it. 

A 22-year-old woman in California has been getting worker’s comp since she fractured a toe working at a furniture store in March.  But she competed in a beauty pageant in April where she was walking in high heels.  She was just arrested for fraud and could be facing up to a year in jail. 

A 20-year-old woman in Seattle called 911 over the weekend because a 21-year-old guy was following her and wouldn’t leave her alone.  When the cops got there, they found out WHY he was following her . . . she’d just stolen his cell phone.  They found the cell phone on her, plus a little bit of crack . . . and she was arrested.