17 Moviegoers Who Need To Be Called Out!

1. The Line Cutter- They’re always casually waiting around the lobby, and as soon as the usher lets the line in, they just walk right on in with the crowd.

2. The Seat Savers- This person tries to save an entire row of seats for their friends, 3 minutes before the movie starts.

3. The Parents of Young Kids-  These parents bring a baby or a child to a non-kid-friendly movie, and it’s usually past the child’s bedtime.

4. The Extremely Loud Chewer- Seriously, how are they louder than the action scene?! Are they chewing popcorn or lighting firecrackers?

5. The Comedian- This person might make a funny comment before the movie starts, but then they tell the same joke over and over, until they are shushed by someone.

6. The People With Outside Food- Naturally they always seem to bring the most stinky food possible.

7. The Non-Stop Texters- They pay $15 to not pay attention to the film, and don’t seem to notice the blinding light coming out of their phone.

8. The Inappropriate Laugher- the person who, for some strange reason, laughs at inappropriate moments. Yup, the opening sequence of Up is hilarious.

9. The Laser Pointer- Let’s be honest, this person is usually a middle schooler who thinks this is just so funny and original.

10. The Overreactor- With all the loud crying, screaming, and laughing, you’re left wondering if this person has ever seen a movie before.

11. The Screen Talker- This person is neither funny nor insightful, and somehow also manages to be louder than a jet engine.

12. The Fighters- This couple fights throughout the entire movie, instead of leaving the drama on the screen.

13. The Loud Whisperer- This person thinks they’re having a low-key conversation, but really it’s so loud that even people at the concession stand can hear it.

14. The Lovers- Sometimes couples become the show with their over-the-top PDA and makeout sessions.

15. The Movie Critic- Really, nobody needs to hear this person’s opinion on Dumb and Dumber To.

16. The Clueless Viewer- This person needs the whole movie explained to them.

17. The Bathroom Goer- This person constantly needs to go to the bathroom, and they always sit in the middle seat, in your row.