Boppy Pillow: Review

As I continue on my quest to review mom and baby products, one of the most versatile and used items in our house is the Boppy Pillow.  I received my first Boppy as a gift at my baby shower when I was pregnant with my first son.  You are probably thinking- “what’s so special about a pillow?”

Well, well….I will tell you what’s special about the Boppy!  It’s not JUST a pillow- it’s so much more.  The Boppy is shaped like a U.  The Boppy is great to use starting from day one of baby’s life.  The baby can be propped up on the Boppy to make nursing/feeding sessions a breeze.  Newborns are so little and so fragile and the Boppy helps keep them in the correct position while allowing your arms and hands to be comfortable and keeping your posture upright.  You just place the Boppy on your lap with the open end of the U facing you.  Then you put baby where ever you want him or her where it’s most comfy for both of you.  This same method can be used for big brothers and sisters to “hold” their new sibling!  It works like a charm.

As a newborn, another way I used the Boppy was to use it to prop baby up so I could look at him face on.  (Of course this is usually followed by a lot of baby talk and cutesy noises, and LOTS of photos just as moms do…)

When baby gets a little older, the Boppy can be used to work on tummy time, which strengthens the neck and back muscles, and stretches the legs.  You simply place baby on their tummy inside the U of the pillow.  (Below is my happy little guy working on those neck muscles!)

And currently my littlest is working on sitting on his own.  The Boppy has been great for this.  I put him sitting up and scoot his little bottom into the U of the pillow.  It’s enough support that he doesn’t fall over and also the rounded parts of the pillow give him something to brace himself with as he tries to balance.  It’s really the cutest thing to watch!  (Another tip that I learned from my son’s awesome daycare teachers: If you have 2 Boppys, you can stack them to create even more support when baby is JUST learning to sit up!)

My littlest man is 7 months old and I still use the Boppy every. single. day.  Yes.  I really do.  I use it for every feeding!  My husband knows that when I sit down to feed the little guy, my Boppy better be handy!  And truth be told, when baby number two came, my Boppy was packed in my hospital bag.  That was one thing I learned after not having the Boppy in the hospital with my first baby…I NEEDED the Boppy when I had my second- hospital pillows just aren’t the same.  You live and you learn!

Overall, I think the Boppy pillow is definitely a new mom or even an experienced mom essential!  It’s so versatile and incredibly useful.  And hey, when you’re done with it you can use it as your very own neck pillow….I kid, I kid…

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I wanted to include this adorable note I got with my pillow!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by the company or its affiliates in any way.