Owlet Smart Sock and Baby Care: Review


In my review of mom and baby products, this one is by far the most technologically innovative and one that has saved me many precious hours of sleep as a mom!   The product that I am blogging about today is called the Owlet Smart Sock.  Affectionately known in our house as “The Owl.”  I received The Owl a few weeks before my second son was born and was very excited to try it.  The Owlet is composed of three different elements.  First, there is the Smart Sock.  The Smart Sock is a sock that you put on the  baby’s foot.  There are different sizes of socks to adjust to your ever growing and changing sweet little babe!   In the sock is a monitor that is able to give you readings of the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels.  (It’s like the one that they put on your finger when you go to the doctor sometimes….the one that’s like a chip clip and has the red light…)  The second element is the Base Station.  The Base Station is your notification system.  It is designed to flash green if all of the baby’s readings are within the normal range, and has other alerting colors to let you know what’s up.  **See below for information on different alerts**  The third element is the smartphone app.  This is not a required part of having and using the Owlet, but I really enjoy it.  The Base Station is still designed to alert you if your baby’s readings are abnormal or if there is an issue, but if you have the app, it will ALSO alert you, and you can see live readings as the Smart Sock is working.  SO COOL!

**Owlet alerts:  The Base Station is designed to alert you about what’s going on with your baby/the Owlet in general.  A GREEN flashing light means all is good.  Baby’s oxygen and heart rate are in the normal range.  A YELLOW alert means that the Smart Sock either fell off of baby’s foot or that it is incorrectly placed.  A BLUE notification occurs when the sock is unable to communicate with the Base Station via Bluetooth.  And finally, the Owlet is designed to alert you and will flash RED if baby has a high heart rate, low heart rate or low oxygen.**

I honestly think this is one of the coolest and most useful parenting tools I have ever used.  As a parent, when your child is sleeping, you are always wondering if they are okay and what’s going on.  With the Owlet, I am able to sleep knowing that I will be alerted if something comes up with my baby.  And sleep is GOLD!! I also love that on the app I can check my little one’s heart rate and oxygen levels.  It will also tell me if he is wiggling and not asleep.

Here’s an example of what the app looks like on my phone:

I would highly recommend the Owlet to any parent, new or experienced!  This is also a great gift idea if you know someone who is expecting.  I did have one technical issue with the Owlet and working with the customer service team was a great experience!  They were knowledgeable and solved my issue in a timely manner.  One note: Owlet is not a medical device, so it shouldn’t be used in place of a medical monitor if your doctor sends you home with one.
Click HERE to find out more information on the Owlet!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by the company or its affiliates in any way.