Q:   According to a new survey, when it comes to parenting Dad’s will use THIS as a way to keep the peace between the kids way more than Mom. What is it?


A: Use Ice Cream as a peace-keeping method

More than half of parents (54 percent) have used ice cream to resolve a conflict, but dads (77 percent) are more than twice as likely to do so than moms (30 percent)

  • Moms reward their children with ice cream more than dads – Moms (66 percent) are more likely than dads (58 percent) to treat their child to ice cream as a reward for doing something good
  • Ice cream is a great incentive – Two-thirds of parents use ice cream to incentivize their child to do something they don’t enjoy doing, but dads are 65 percent more likely than moms to use ice cream as an incentive for children to do their chores
  • Ice cream is children’s favorite treat – 62 percent of parents say ice cream is their child’s favorite treat, with chocolate as a distant second at 20 percent
  • Ice cream brings people together – 96 percent of parents say ice cream is a great treat to enjoy with friends and family, and 90 percent of parents have fond memories of their own parents treating them to ice cream as a child
  • Dads eat ice cream more frequently than moms – 72 percent of dads eat ice cream on a weekly basis, while only 54 percent of moms indulge in this sweet treat weekly
  • Ice cream as a quiet escape – Moms are five times more likely than dads to say they prefer to eat ice cream alone