Things You Need To Know – Wed 5/17/17:

May 18th is the 138th day of the year. There are 227 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 47 days remaining until the 4th of July (a Tuesday this year)

There are 1,265 days until the next Presidential Election (Nov 3, 2020)

Today is Brown Bag It Thursday, Hummus Day, I Love Reese’s Day, National Cheese Soufflé Day, National No Dirty Dishes Day, National Notebook Day & National Visit Your Relatives Day

Starbucks just started testing ice cubes made out of COFFEE in 100 of their stores in St. Louis and Baltimore.  If you want them, they cost 80 cents extra. There’s no guarantee that they’re going to go nationwide, but they seem like free money for Starbucks

7-Eleven is running its “Bring Your Own Cup” Slurpee deal tomorrow and Saturday.  You can bring in ANY container and fill it up for $1.50. Now . . . they SAY the container has to have a diameter under 10 inches, but we’ve seen plenty of cases where people got away with filling up things that were much, much larger.

BEAUTY SLEEP is real, according to a new study.  People were rated as more attractive, healthier, and friendlier when they were well-rested than when they weren’t.

Emojis with different hair styles and colors could be coming next year.  That would include emojis with curly hair, white hair, red hair, and a bald head.

A deer recently wandered into a Wadina, Minnesota Walmart. The deer was wondering around the garden department when a man held it down and allowed employees to tie its legs. The employees carried the deer outside where they set it free. No one was injured.

At a Lowe’s home improvement store in Virginia the employees are experimenting with wearing a sci-fi exosuit that allows them to lift extra heavy objects without a sweat.

San Antonio Spurs fan Juan Vasquez has filed a lawsuit against the Golden State Warriors and their center ZaZa Pachulia. Vasquez is suing both parties because Zaza undercut Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard causing him to sprain his ankle. His complaint reads; “ZaZa devastated the quality of the Spurs’ chances of being competitive and having additional games in their home arena, both in the Western Conference Finals and also potentially in the NBA Finals and also negatively affected the value of the tickets purchased by plaintiff subsequent to their purchase.” Vasquez’s lawyer tells the paper; “All we are asking from the court is that this type of behavior, that can and does cause serious injury to our team and those that love it, not be allowed in San Antonio.”

Chanel just started selling a BOOMERANG . . . that costs $1,325.  They’re getting blasted on social media for it:  Some people think they’re profiting by appropriating Australian Aboriginal culture, and others just think it’s too expensive.

According to an annual survey, In-N-Out is NOT America’s favorite burger joint anymore.  Five Guys took the top spot this year.  The Cheesecake Factory is our favorite restaurant . . . Chick-fil-A is our favorite chicken joint . . . Starbucks is our favorite coffee shop . . . and Papa John’s is our favorite pizza place.

Conan O’Brien to a four-year contract extension. He will continue hosting his late night show and also create content for the network’s digital platforms

CBS is going to air their Big Bang Theory spin-off Young Sheldon on Thursday nights at 7:30 CT. The show will follow Big Bang Theory

Following his James Comey scandal, Betfair has upped the odds of Donald Trump being impeached from even to 5/6.

James Corden is going to host the Grammys on January 28, 2018 on CBS.

Dennis Quaid is going to play George W Bush in FX’s ”Katrina: American Crime Story”. Matthew Broderick is playing FEMA director Michael Brown

SUSPECT FLEES COURT THROUGH TOILET WINDOW – A man on trial in Indonesia for allegedly stealing large sums of cash from a cash machine was able to flee court by climbing out of a bathroom window. After climbing through the window, police suspect he made his getaway from the courthouse by hailing a taxi. They’re still looking for him.

MUSICAL OF KING KONG TO ROAR ON BROADWAY NEXT YEAR – A musical version of King Kong is coming to Broadway. Global Creatures, the company behind the hit arena show Walking With Dinosaurs, said their version of the classic ape story will land at the Broadway Theatre in the fall of 2018. This King Kong is written by Jack Thorne, who received the 2017 Olivier Award for Best Play for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.


New Movies Opening Tonight

Alien: Covenant (Rated R) … STARRING: Michael Fassbender, Danny McBride, James Franco .. the crew of the colony ship Covenant finds a new planet they think is a paradise. It turns out to be a dead planet inhabited by aliens