Things You Need To Know – Fri 5/18/17:

May 19th is the 139th day of the year. There are 226 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 188 days remaining until Thanksgiving (Nov 23)

There are 143 days remaining until CANADIAN Thanksgiving (Oct 9)

Endangered Species Day, NASCAR Day, National Bike to Work Day, National Devil’s Food Cake Day and National Pizza Party Day

The Fresno Grizzlies minor league baseball team in California is selling a chicken sandwich at their ballpark that uses a GIANT PICKLE as a bun. The pickle is cut in half, just like a big hoagie roll, and a bunch of Nashville hot chicken is dumped inside.  There’s no word on whether it’s any good.

Chuck-E-Cheese will celebrate their 40th birthday today by attempting to break a world record for the most people using party horn blowers at the same time. The chain is encouraging people to visit them at 8:40 ET tonight to help set the world record.

The ridiculous jeans trend just keeps moving.  In the past month we’ve seen companies selling see-through jeans and ones that are pre-stained in fake mud.  And now . . . this. A brand called Y/Project just started selling women’s jeans that have detachable legs . . . so you can quickly convert them to jean shorts.  Only the legs don’t QUITE line up, so even when you wear them as jeans there are little uncovered gaps around your thighs. And naturally, they cost $425.

At a Lowe’s home improvement store in Virginia the employees are experimenting with wearing a sci-fi exosuit that allows them to lift extra heavy objects without a sweat.

Chanel just started selling a BOOMERANG . . . that costs $1,325.  They’re getting blasted on social media for it:  Some people think they’re profiting by appropriating Australian Aboriginal culture, and others just think it’s too expensive.

Gas Buddy listed the top-rated gas station bathrooms in every state. And Kwik Trip was deemed best in Wisconsin & Minnesota!

WalletHub’s data team compared 80 of the most popular U.S. vacation spots across 38 key indicators of a wallet-friendly and Instagram-worthy summer vacation. Their data set ranges from cost of the cheapest flight to number of attractions to weather. Las Vegas was #1. Minneapolis/St. Paul/Bloomington came in at 44. And Milwaukee came in at 56.

Lisa Ohrmundt,of Decatur, Georgia, recently received the shock of her life when she found a 6-foot beehive in her ceiling. A beekeeper removed 120,000 bees. Beekeepers used a heat sensing camera to track the insects. One beekeeper was stung 15 times while removing the bees. The hive contained 60 pounds of honey

Leonardo Dicaprio and Nina Agdal have broken up. A source tells the magazine that they dated for a year. “They broke up a couple of days ago. Nina and Leo have parted ways. It is amicable. They remain friends.

Ashley Graham recently did a Baywatch-inspired photoshoot for Swimsuit for All’s latest ad campaign. She straddled a jetski in a classic red swimsuit.

The Seattle Mariners honored fallen rocker Chris Cornell yesterday with a moment of silence before their home game


New Movies Opening Tonight

Alien: Covenant (Rated R) … STARRING: Michael Fassbender, Danny McBride, James Franco .. the crew of the colony ship Covenant finds a new planet they think is a paradise. It turns out to be a dead planet inhabited by aliens