December 6th is the 340th day of the year. There are 25 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 19 days remaining until Christmas

There are 131 days remaining until we could feel temperatures like we felt on Monday (April 16 average temp 58)

Today is National Gazpacho Day, National Microwave Oven Day, National Pawnbrokers Day and Put on Your Own Shoes Day

Another new Oreo flavor could be hitting stores soon:  Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreos.

Brach’s just released a new candy for this Christmas season:  Fruitcake Nougats.  You might know Brach’s Christmas Nougats . . . they’re the little chewy mint candies.  And now there’s a fruitcake-flavored version, which is on sale at Walgreens.

The Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing keg has sold out. It was selling for $50

Russia has been banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics for doping.Russian athletes who can prove they are not doping are allowed to compete under a neutral flag.

Krispy Kreme plans to celebrate National Gingerbread House Day on December 12th by selling their first-ever gingerbread glazed donut. The donut is available at participating Krispy Kreme donut shops.

Einstein Bros Bagels is selling a Snickerdoodle bagel during the holidays

Paris Hilton is selling a new product called Unicorn Face Mist. She claims the $29 spray keeps skin glowing and looking fresh. Fans are only allowed to buy two bottles at a time. One person, who tried the Unicorn mist Instagrammed; “It’s just rose water. Lol she just gave it a cool name. To sell”

“Silent Night” tops a list of the most-recorded holiday songs.  There are more than 137,000 versions of it.  “White Christmas” is second, followed by “Jingle Bells”“The Christmas Song”, and “Winter Wonderland”.

A new survey asked people when a, quote, “responsible person” should take down their Christmas decorations.  58% of people say sometime in mid-January . . . 7% think you can wait until February . . . but 3% say you should get rid of them on December 26th

If every household in the world left out two chocolate chip cookies for Santa . . . and his digestive system wasn’t MAGICAL . . . he’d have to jog for over 100,000 straight years to burn off all the calories. It would be about 374 BILLION calories.  He’d have to run for 109,000 years in a row to burn it all off.  And that’s not even including the extra miles he’d have to put in to burn off 137 million gallons of milk.

42-year-old Daniel Helsel works as a paramedic in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, near D.C.  He’s been a firefighter for 20 years, and an EMT for 10. On Monday, he responded to a call about a woman who was going into labor.  And he ended up delivering the baby in the back of an ambulance.  The mom and baby are both doing fine. Then later that day, a local news reporter was interviewing him about it at work.  And his parents showed up in the middle of it with a cake . . . because it also happened to be HIS birthday. But that’s not all.  They talked to the reporter about the day Daniel was born.  And it turns out he was ALSO born in the back of an ambulance. His dad told the story about how a state trooper helped deliver him, and said he was like a guardian angel. Now exactly 42 years later, Daniel got to do the same thing.

A new study found the BEER that people in every state are Googling more than anyone else.  Craft beers and breweries came out on top in 49 states . . . only Missouri kept it super real; their number one search is for BUSCH. In Minnesota it was Surly Brewery and in Wisconsin it was Lakefront Brewery.

Pizza Hut just became the first pizza chain in America to start delivering BEER.  They’re testing it right now in Phoenix, but they’re planning to expand their beer delivery to other cities, quote, “quickly.”

JetBlue is running a contest for the next two weeks where three random people who buy a ticket will win UNLIMITED free flights in 2018.

GM is launching a new feature in their cars where you can SHOP for things like Dunkin’ Donuts and Shell gas on the touchscreen on your dashboard while you’re DRIVING.  They CLAIM it’s not going to be too distracting because it’s easy to use and only takes a few touches.





TV TONIGHT: SERIES PREMIERE: HAPPY – This new series, based on a graphic novel of the same name, stars Christopher Meloni as a drunk, corrupt, ex-cop/now hitman. After a hit gone wrong, his life is changed forever by a tiny, super-positive, imaginary blue winged horse named Happy (voiced by Patton Oswalt).  (9p CT, Syfy)