THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW – Thurs 12/07/17

December 7th is the 341st day of the year. There are 24 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 18 days remaining until Christmas

There are 115 days remaining until Easter (Easter on April Fool’s Day in 2018)

Today is National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Letter Writing Day, National Cotton Candy Day, and National Illinois Day

Oreo put out a MYSTERY flavor back in October, and they just revealed what it was:  Fruity Pebbles.

Arby’s is testing a new sandwich in Michigan called the ARBYNATOR that uses curly fries as a TOPPING.  There’s no word on when it could go nationwide.

Starbucks has a new Christmas Tree Frappuccino going on sale today.  It’s a peppermint mocha Frappuccino with green tea whipped cream, decorated with caramel, candied cranberries, and a strawberry on top.  If you want one, they’re only available through Monday.

Twitter user David Sanchez recently shared some photos of a frozen pizza topped with melted candy canes

Chipotle’s new queso dip hasn’t been very popular.  So for one day next week, they’re GIVING it away.  You can get free queso with any entree next Tuesday if you show up wearing a, quote, “cheesy” sweater.

A new study found the BEER that people in every state are Googling more than anyone else.  Craft beers and breweries came out on top in 49 states . . . only Missouri kept it super real; their number one search is for BUSCH. In Minnesota it was Surly Brewery and in Wisconsin it was Lakefront Brewery.

Chemists at the University of Bristol are working on a way to turn beer into fuel. A Professor there says; “The alcohol in alcoholic drinks is actually ethanol – exactly the same molecule that we want to convert into butanol as a petrol replacement. Beer is actually an excellent model for the mixture of chemicals we would need to use in a real industrial process, so it shows this technology is one step closer to reality.”

A Christmas display on a porch in New Orleans has some people upset.  Here’s why.  It’s the mangled carcass of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer being cooked over an open flame.

The town of Deerfield, New Hampshire has a life-sized ‘Elf on a Shelf’ doll named Zippy that they put out every year.  And apparently someone STOLE him earlier this week.  But don’t worry.  Police tracked Zippy down, and he’s okay.

According to a new survey, almost three-quarters of young people say that being called a sensitive little “snowflake” is harmful to their mental health.

JetBlue is running a contest for the next two weeks where three random people who buy a ticket will win UNLIMITED free flights in 2018.

60% of us plan to give someone a gadget for Christmas.  And a new survey found 90% of millennials have had to be tech support for older relatives.  The gadgets that require the most help are new phones, computers, and tablets



Matt Lauer and Annette Roque have removed their wedding rings. A week after Lauer was fired from NBC News over inappropriate sexual behavior, the former Today host was spotted without his wedding ring on. Lauer’s wife, Roque, was also spotted without her wedding ring on Wednesday. These photos have surfaced just as Roque’s father has told the Daily Mail that his daughter “is not going to stay” with Lauer.

Pfizer is launching a generic version of Viagra. The new white pill will cost half as much as its $65 blue counterpart.

NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell has signed a five-year contract extension worth $200 million

A coroner’s report reveals that comedian Ralphie May died of an unhealthy heart

Ryan Reynolds is going to play Detective Pikachu in the live action Pokemon movie “Detective Pikachu.”

Michael Jordan’s daughter Jasmine has debuted a new Nike Sneaker called The Air Jordan Heiress XI. The shoes were inspired by the ‘Little Black Dress’ and feature black leather, metallic gold and black velvet.