February 13th is the 44th day of the year. There are 321 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 32 days remaining until St Patrick’s Day

Today is Extraterrestrial Culture Day, Get a Different Name Day, International Pancake Day, Kiss Day, Mardi Gras, National Tortellini Day and World Radio Day

Today is World Radio Day, which is all about celebrating the power radio has to reach so many people.  It’s even a recognized holiday by the United Nations.

Charlotte’s Firenza Pizza is serving a $500 pie for Valentine’s Day. The 10-inch pizza is called the Golden Surf and Turf and is topped with lobster, filet medallions, caviar and edible gold leaves. The pizza is available for a limited time

If you apply makeup or drink a cup of coffee before heading to work — or on your way into the office — you probably have experienced the frustrations of making a mess on your shirt or dress before clocking in. If it happens often it might be worth it for you to buy a BeBib. BeBibs are fashion adult bibs you put on to protect your clothing.

Singles, who have Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold are changing their location to Pyeongchang, Korea so they can flirt with Olympic athletes. Tinder is giving athletes free access to their service during the games

54% of married people say they WON’T be going out to celebrate tomorrow, according to a new survey.  That means the majority of married couples will maybe give each other a little gift, but that’s about it.

A woman in northern California was sick of people stealing packages off her front porch.  So she got even by filling a box with 500 live COCKROACHES.

According to a new study, the light from your phone could be making your skin AGE prematurely.  The researchers found that the ultraviolet light from your screen could make your skin lose some of its color and develop age spots. On the plus side, it won’t up your risk of getting skin cancer

There’s a woman in Arizona suffering from Foreign Accent Syndrome.  She’s from the U.S., but wakes up with different accents each day.  Sometimes British, sometimes Irish, and sometimes Australian.



Ed Sheeran has been asked to perform at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. Ed previously said; “I get asked this all the time like I know the royal family. I’ve met Harry once! And that was in 2011 at his grans’ Jubilee, and it was like, ‘Hey.’ ‘Hey’… I barely know him!”

The stock market rose by 410 points yesterday or 1.7%. This followed the worst weeks for stocks in two years last week.