My new toy- The Scentsy Go!

Check out my brand new obsession- The Scentsy Go!

It all started when Alex & I started to look for a solution to freshen up the air in our studio.  We needed a way to combat the mustiness and food smells that come with a small space that doesn’t have windows.  We tried candles, but that was a fire hazard.  We also tried sprays, but those just made it hard to breathe.  THEN…we received a “Scentsy Go” from the wonderful Cassie Fransway and were instantly hooked.  It’s PERFECT for what we were looking for!  It’s small, cordless and mess-less!  Scentsy describes it as, “Instant fragrance — anytime, anywhere. That’s Scentsy Go, the portable, compact, cordless fragrance system designed to enliven any small space with our signature scents.”

The Scentsy Go is small, about the size of a pop can.  There is a little fan in the bottom of the unit that blows air through fragrance pods to create a beautiful scent.

I have found it is perfect for a space with kids, because it won’t spill and there aren’t cords.  You just charge it every so often, and then you’re good.  It has two modes as well.  Regular, where the scent is dispersed normally, (there’s a little fan in the bottom of it) and Eco-Mode which conserves battery and runs on and off continuously.  What I also like is that it has an LED light that you can turn on or off, and it will rotate colors or stay on your favorite.  (My kiddo LOVES the light when it’s changing color!)

The Scentsy Go is customizable, too…with the scent pods you can put 1 in for a little fragrance, or 2 in for more!  You can also combine scents!  (Vanilla Bean Buttercream and Blueberry Cheesecake, yes, please!)

If you want to check out the Scentsy Go or any other Scentsy products from Cassie Fransway, click HERE.  (She treats her customers soooooo well!  My Scentsy stuff always comes beautifully packaged with lovely notes and samples to try!)

Here is a video of Alex & I on the air showing how the Scentsy Go works.