April 16th is the 106th day of the year. There are 259 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 42 days until Memorial Day

There are 36 weekends until Xmas

Today is Boston Marathon Day, National Eggs Benedict Day, National Librarian Day, National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day & Save The Elephant Day

Winter storm named Xanto dropped over 13 inches of snow on Minneapolis over the weekend. Some parts of Montana, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin and Wyoming received over 20 inches of snow

Chili’s is testing a new five meat, 1,650 calorie sandwich called The Boss Burger. The sandwich has a half-pound beef patty that is topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, smoked sausage, rib meat, smoked brisket, lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing and barbecue sauce.

The Robin Hood Brewing Company, of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, is launching a new donut beer called Funky Monkey Chocolate-Covered Banana Donut Porter. The craft brew will be available for a limited time. Sixty donuts will be used in the brewing of the beer just ranked all of the Ben & Jerry’s flavors from best to worst.  The best is Jimmy Fallon’s flavor The Tonight Dough, believe it or not . . . and the worst is Vanilla Toffee Bar Crunch.

More than 200 million eggs have been recalled because they could be contaminated with salmonella.

Bull City Burger, in Durham, North Carolina, is topping one of their hamburgers with a lightly salted and oven-baked tarantula. The menu says; “People say it tastes most like crab, or other shellfish, sometimes with a bit of a metallic-y taste. BUT, the legs, the body…each bite tastes a bit different.” Anyone, who eats the $30 tarantula burger gets a t-shirt. The restaurant has 18 zebra tarantula burgers available. The tarantulas are from Costa Rica. Bull City Burger is also serving alligator, iguana and python burgers throughout the month of April. Only four people have eaten a tarantula burger.

TEENS ARE OBSESSED WITH FORTNITE AND IT’S DRIVING TEACHERS CRAZY – The online video game Fortnite is incredibly popular. One reason: It can be played on PCs, game systems and iPhones and iPads. Some teachers are confiscating phones when kids are caught playing in class. Fortnite’s maker, Epic Games, recently added a warning to the game’s loading screen asking students not to play during class.

A woman named Amanda Burnett from Indianapolis went on a date with a guy earlier this month.  And afterwards, she GHOSTED him and never texted him back. Then last week, she got something in the MAIL from him . . . which turned out to be a full INVOICE for their date. He charged her $10 for a Moscow Mule, $10 for a beer, $14.50 for pulled pork tacos . . . plus a $1.99 processing fee, $2.56 for tax, and 47 cents for shipping and handling.  That took it to a grand total of $39.52. Amanda thought it was ridiculous and she tweeted a picture of the invoice, which started going viral.  And the next day, the guy TEXTED her to follow up . . . and said he’d send a COLLECTION AGENCY for the money if she didn’t pay. Anyway, since then, she’s deleted the tweet and set her account to private.  Maybe she wants to make it tougher for the collection agency to track her down?

A new survey found only 26% of Americans think they’ll be able to retire by the time they’re 65.  That’s down from 29% three years ago.  And 37% of us think we’ll still be working in our 70s.



Bill Hader is in talks to join the sequel to Stephen King’s IT. He may play Richie Tozier, the foul-mouthed comic of the Funny Losers Club.

Nike released another pair of their self-lacing Back to the Future sneakers on Friday. The limited edition olive and orange peel-colored sneakers cost $720.

Donald Glover is going to host and be the musical guest on SNL on May 5th



The Rock showed that once again, he is capable of bringing people to the theater. Rampage squeaked by A Quiet Place in its opening weekend to win the box office with $34.5 million. A Quiet Place continued to bring in plenty of horror fans as it took in $32.6 million in ticket sales.