May 18th is the 138th day of the year. There are 227 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 10 days until Memorial Day

There are 2 years until the next stand-alone Batman movie

Today is Endangered Species Day, I Love Reese’s Day, International Museum Day, NASCAR Day, National Bike to Work Day, National Cheese Soufflé Day, National No Dirty Dishes Day, National Pizza Party Day, National Visit Your Relatives Day and Send an Electronic Greeting Card Day

Meghan Markle wore a $10,000 pair of diamond earrings to her wedding rehearsal yesterday. The snowflake earrings had 1.2 carats worth of diamonds.

Pez recently sold a set of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Pez dispensers for $9,866. Only one pair was made.

The Heidi Bakery and Coffee Shop near Windsor Castle is selling Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lattes. The couple’s faces are printed on the coffee’s foam

There’s a petition on that’s going viral where people want to get rid of the word “no” and replace it with the more ambiguous term “yesn’t.”  “Yesn’t” apparently means maybe yes, maybe no.

Bruce Wayne, of Tiffin, Ohio, is no longer going to eat Chipotle on a daily basis. He spent the last 500 days eating at the fast food chain in order to raise money for charity. Bruce ended his streak by eating mini quesadillas in a Batsuit Chipotle donated $4,260 to a cancer treatment charity on behalf of Bruce. He has no idea what he is going to eat next.

A couple in New York have been trying to get their 30-year-old son to move out all year . . . but he won’t go.  So they just had to file a petition with the county Supreme Court to get him removed.

A group of researchers in California just received a $213,000 grant . . . to study cow farts.

If you just had a kid, brace yourself.  Because 18 years from now, four years of college will cost an average of $184,000.  And at a private school, $303,000.

There’s a 79-year-old guy in Michigan who got the wrong date on his birth certificate when he was born . . . April 23rd, instead of the 21st.  And he finally got it fixed recently.  Then he played both sets of numbers on a lottery ticket last week . . . and hit the jackpot for $1.9 MILLION.

Here are ten questions from a new poll on eating habits.  Do you eat these things like a normal person?  Or are you a weirdo?

  1. Do you eat mac and cheese with a fork or a spoon?  81% said fork, 19% said spoon.
  2. Do you pour dressing ON your salad, or keep it on the side for dipping?  92% pour it on.  8% are dippers.
  3. Do you eat ribs with your hands, or a knife and fork?  14% said knife and fork.
  4. Do you twirl your spaghetti, or cut it up?  90% of us are twirlers, 10% cut it up.
  5. With a Kit Kat, do you break each piece off, or just take bites out of the whole bar?  5% of us just go to town on the whole thing without breaking the pieces apart.
  6. Do you peel pieces off your string cheese, or just bite into it?  78% peel it.  22% take bites.  Also, 13% of people said they take bites out of BLOCKS of cheese.
  7. With pizza, do you eat the pointy end first, or the crust?  Only 7% go crust first.  Also, 18% of people said they prefer eating their pizza with a knife and fork.
  8. Do you like your bagel toasted, or untoasted?  22% said untoasted.
  9. If you have Chef Boyardee ravioli, do you heat it up or eat it straight out of the can cold?  Believe it or not, 5% of us prefer it cold.
  10. Do you prefer your cereal with milk, or straight out of the box like a snack?  90% said they like it with milk . . . 9% said no milk . . . and 1% said they eat it with milk and ICE.



Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are the proud parents of a new baby boy. It’s their fourth child. A name was not released as of press time

Pacers star Victor Oladipo is going to drive the Corvette ZR1 pace car at this year’s Indianapolis 500

Saturday’s Powerball drawing is worth $306 million with a lump sum cash payout of $182.8 million




New Movies

Deadpool 2 (Rated R) … STARRING: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin … Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) forms a team of mutants called The X-Force in order to protect a young mutant, Russell, from the time-traveling soldier, Cable (Josh Brolin).

Book Club (Rated PG-13) … STARRING: Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson, Andy Garcia, Don Johnson … It’s about a bunch of women whose lives are changed after reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’