August 10th is the 222nd day of the year. There are 143 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 24 days until Labor Day

There are 4 weekends without Regular Season Football

Today is National Duran Duran Appreciation Day, National Kool-Aid Day, National Lazy Day, National S’mores Day, National Spoil Your Dog Day and World Lion Day

Starbucks is going to sell Pumpkin Spice Cookie Straws next week. The toasted white chocolate wafers have pumpkin spice sprinkled on them and will be available in Starbucks shops and select grocery stores

Captain Morgan is coming out with a pumpkin spiced rum in a bottle that looks like a pumpkin. Jack O Blast Pumpkin Spiced Rum is being brought back for a limited time and has an alcohol by volume of 30%

Remember Hubba Bubba gum?  A company in England just turned it into GIN.  Their “Bubba Hubba Bubblegum Gin” is pink, it tastes like gum, and apparently, it’s not terrible.  Unfortunately for now, they’re only shipping it in the U.K.

Update:  The case of the mysterious odor at a Dairy Queen in Calgary has been solved.  They offered a year’s worth of free Blizzards to anyone who could find the source.  Turns out it was a gas leak in the ceiling, and the gas company found it.  So it’s not clear if anyone’s getting free Blizzards or not now.

No one can explain why empty jars of Vaseline keep showing up on 68th Street in northeast Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It’s been going on for at least five years.

Believe it or not, a new study found it’s BAD for your career if you work too hard.  The researchers found that when people were too intense at their job and put in extra long hours, they wound up more stressed and more fatigued . . . and their work suffered as a result.

What’s the most enjoyable decade in a person’s life?  According to a new survey, the most popular answer is ages 21 to 30 . . . 31 to 40 came in second . . . and 11 to 20 came in third.

A new survey by Smart About Money reveals that couples, who combine their incomes, have a 42% rate of financial infidelity. Most common types of financial infidelity … secret bank account followed by secret purchase and a secret credit card

The number of times men shave in a month has gone from 3.7 times to 3.2 times over the last decade . . . and it’s KILLING the razor industry.  In just the past year, razor sales have dropped 5% . . . and they think their best hope is just waiting until beards aren’t trendy anymore.

Ashley Horner flew to Haiti Thursday morning to embark on a feat no other woman has accomplished. The Virginia woman plans to complete 50 Ironman races in 50 days. That’s a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile marathon — one a a day for 50 straight days. The 40-year-old mother of three boys (ages 11, 9 and 4 months) is attempting the feat to raise at least $100,000 for an orphanage in Haiti (Maison Fortuné Orphanage).

Miami Dolphins receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson knelt during the playing of the National Anthem last night before their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus returned to the set of ”Veep” yesterday after beating breast cancer.

4.7 million people watched the CMA Fest on ABC on Wednesday night. That’s down from 5.7 million viewers last year

Melania Trump’s parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, were sworn in as U.S. citizens yesterday. They came from Slovenia and had been living in the U.S. on green cards

The giant shark movie The Meg is expected to open with $20 million to $25 in ticket sales and push Mission: Impossible – Fallout to second place.
… Opening this weekend: The Meg (PG-13); Dog Days (PG); Slender Man (R); BlacKkKlansman (R, limited); Blindspotting (R, opening wider)