September 14th is the 257th day of the year. There are 108 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 69 days until Thanksgiving

There are 15 shopping weekends until Christmas

Today is Eat a Hoagie Day, National Bakery Day, National Coloring Day, National Cream-Filled Donut Day, and National Hug Your Boss Day

Hurricane Florence could cost retailers $700 million in lost sales.

Some Airbnb owners from Pennsylvania to Alabama are offering Hurricane Florence evacuees free rooms until October 1st.

The Atlanta Braves are giving away free tickets to Hurricane Florence victims and evacuees. The tickets will be available for the team’s weekend series against the Nationals. Certain foods will also be offered at a discount price

Sam’s Club is once again selling their four-pound pumpkin cheesecake ahead of Halloween. The cheesecake has 14 pre-cut slices and costs $18.

Panera Bread will now let you build your own mac-and-cheese with toppings like bacon, avocado, and salsa.

Long John Silver’s is giving away free Fried Twinkies next Wednesday in honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Ever wanted to drink wine in the shower?  There’s a new product that sticks to your shower wall and holds your wine glass for you.  You can pre-order it for $15 from Urban Outfitters.

The National Toy Hall of Fame announced this year’s 12 finalists.  And three of the toys will be inducted later this fall. Two of them were also nominated last year but didn’t make it in . . . Uno cards, and the Magic 8-Ball.  And it’s a pretty strong field this year, so it might be tough for them again. The 12 nominees are . . .American Girl Dolls . . . chalk . . . “Chutes and Ladders” . . . the Magic 8-Ball . . . Masters of the Universe action figures . . . pinball . . . the sled . . . Tic-Tac-Toe . . . Tickle Me Elmo . . . Electric Football . . . Uno . . . and the Fisher-Price Corn Popper. The three toys that make it in will be announced on November 8th.  Last year’s inductees were “Clue”, the Wiffle Ball, and the paper airplane.

Volkswagen is going to stop making the Beetle in 2019. VW was selling 80,000 Beetles a year in the late 90s compared to just over 11,000 now

SpaceX is planning to launch a tourist on a trip around the moon, and the company said it will reveal the person’s identity during an event Monday (September 17).

According to a divorce law firm in England, “Fortnite” and other addictive video games are now cited as a reason for couples splitting up in 5% of cases.

The new iPhones are going to cost at least $400 more in Europe.

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon (33%) lost the Democratic primary for New York Governor to sitting Governor Andrew Cuomo (66%). The race was called 30 minutes after the polls closed

New Movies The Predator (Rated R) .. STARRING: Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, Thomas Jane … a young boy accidentally triggers the Predator’s return to Earth before a group of ex-soldiers tries to kill it

White Boy Rick (Rated R) … STARRING: Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Jason Leigh … “White Boy Rick” is set in the 1980s in Detroit where a teen drug dealer becomes an informant in order to prevent his father from going to jail for selling guns

Things are looking up for The Predator. Despite some so-so reviews and a general controversy surrounding the film, the sequel is on track to rake in between $25 million and $32 million…. Also in theaters: A Simple Favor (R); White Boy Rick (R); Unbroken: Path to Redemption (PG-13)