October 9th is the 282nd day of the year. There are 83 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 44 days until Thanksgiving

There are 45 days until you can turn on your Xmas lights

Today is Curious Events Day, Fire Prevention Day, International Beer and Pizza Day, National Moldy Cheese Day, National Sneakers Day and Submarine-Hoagie-Hero-Grinder Day

Hurricane Michael is expected to become a category 3 storm by late tonight. It’s expected to make landfall tomorrow on the Gulf Coast. Twelve foot waves are going to batter the Panhandle along with 75 mph winds.

Christmas tree-flavored potato chips are now a thing.  A company in the U.K. just released them and apparently they have a, quote, “piney, woodsy taste.”  There’s no word on whether they could go on sale over here.

Pizza Hut recently added ‘Mini Cinnabon’ cinnamon rolls to their menu. An order of 10 costs $5.99.

Oreo just announced they’re going to be coming out with new “Most Stuf” cookies . . . which will have more cream than any Oreos ever.  There’s no official release date yet, but they say they’re coming soon.

Costco is selling Pumpkin Spice Cheese. Beemster says they created the cheese by aging soft gouda for a month and then mixing in cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, pepper and ginger. They say the cheese goes well with cider and Chardonnay

A new study found yo-yo dieting can be worse for you than just staying chubby.

A Louisville, Kentucky man, named Brett Kavanaugh, says his life is a mess because he shares the same name as the newest Supreme Court Judge. He Tweeted: “This is a terrible time to be named Brett Kavanagh”

The climate change situation is apparently worse than we realized . . . a new U.N. report says we basically have until 2030 to do something or it will lead to monumental disasters like drought, wildfires, and food shortages.

Google just announced it’s officially killing off its Google Plus social network next August.  And it makes sense, since it never really caught on and no one uses it now . . . but considering how HARD Google pushed it when it launched, it’s still kind of a surprise to see it go.

Etsy users have begun marketing custom-made “flip flop socks.” The socks contain large holes at the bottom that expose the wearer’s toes. They are designed to keep ankles and feet warm while still allowing the toes to be free.

An Oktoberfest event in Port St. Lucie, Florida accidentally played the Nazi version of the German national anthem on Saturday.  After World War Two, Germany removed parts of the original anthem, including a line that said Germany was “above all in the world.”  Most people at the event didn’t even notice, but a guy visiting from Frankfurt named Andre Leitzbach did.

A New Zealand company, called Kiwiana, is selling cans of fresh air. A package of four costs $65. The company promises “the purest air you will ever breathe … harvested on the high ridges above the New Zealand snow line.”