December 7th is the 341st day of the year. There are 24 days remaining until the end of the year

There are days until Christmas

There are approximately 56 days until I get Morgan’s 2019 calendar

Today is Faux Fur Friday, International Civil Aviation Day, Letter Writing Day, National Cotton Candy Day and National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

KEVIN HART stepped down as the host of the Oscars late last night, because the Academy was forcing him to apologize for some old homophobic Tweets, and he didn’t want to.  Strangely, as he was announcing that he was stepping down, he DID apologize to the LGBT community.

The nominees for the Golden Globe Awards are out, and the movie “Vice” led the way with six nominations.  “A Star Is Born”“The Favourite” and “Green Book” all tied for the second-most with five.  The ceremony airs live on Sunday, January 6th.

Kellogg’s and a UK brewery have teamed up to create a new beer made from rejected Corn Flakes. The flakes are either too big, too small or overcooked. The beer is called Throw Away IPA and has helped Kellogg’s reduce their food waste by 12.5%. The beer has an alcohol by volume of 5% and will be available later this month.

The Ohio Pork Council has installed a bacon vending machine at Ohio State University. A strip of bacon costs $1. Proceeds from the machine are going to the school’s meat science program.

A new poll found the top ten Secret Santa gifts people actually want are alcohol, chocolate, a gift card, a book, candles, money, candy, socks, perfume or cologne, and bubble bath.

A FOURTH pro football league is on the way.  It’s the THIRD new league to be announced THIS YEAR.  A group of 50 former NFL players are behind this one, which they’re calling the ‘Freedom Football League.’  It’s not clear when it’ll launch, but they announced teams for 10 cities. They’re starting with 10 teams: The San Diego Warriors . . . the Oklahoma City Power . . . the Portland Progress . . .the Texas Revolution . . . the Birmingham Kings . . . the St. Louis Independence . . .the Ohio Players (???) . . . the Florida Strong . . . the Connecticut Underground . . . and the Oakland Panthers.

According to a microbiologist, the dirtiest thing in a restaurant is . . . the pepper shaker.  It’s covered in more germs than the toilet.  It’s because pepper is plant-based, and no one ever cleans the shaker.  So apparently E. coli loves to grow there.

SLEEP TEXTING is now a real thing, according to a new study.  The researchers found about one-quarter of college students have sent a text while they were asleep . . . and most of them had no memory of sending it the next morning.

People are rushing to get divorces in before the end of the year, because alimony won’t be deductible next year under the new tax plan.

A guy in Oregon was waiting to cash in a lottery ticket that won $1,750 . . . and while he was waiting, he played again, and won $118,000.

IN THEATERS TODAY – Schindler’s List is back in theaters this weekend to celebrate its 25th anniversary. It’s not expected to make more than a few million dollars, and Ralph Breaks the Internet will remain the top box office draw for a third weekend.