February 5th is the 36th day of the year. There are 329 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 9 days left until Valentine’s Day

There are 122 days left until Summer vacation is scheduled to begin (June 6th in EC)

Today is National Chocolate Fondue Day, National Shower with a Friend Day, National Weatherperson’s Day and World Nutella Day

SUPER BOWL 53 HAD THE LOWEST RATINGS IN 10 YEARS – The low-scoring Super Bowl 53 was also low-scoring in terms of ratings. Early reports indicate that the big game hit a ten-year low in viewership. The number of viewers was just shy of 95 million, a drop from last year’s 103 million.

The sports betting world was buzzing Monday about a guy who put $250 on the Rams to score a total of three points in the Super Bowl. At 400/1 odds he or she walked away with $100,000. Whoever they are, they must have been SWEATING the finish . . . when Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein missed a 48-yard field goal with eight seconds remaining. Remember:  The Rams went into the playoffs as the league’s second-best scoring offense . . . only trailing the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The McHenry County, Illinois sheriff’s department received a 911 call on Sunday from a man, who didn’t like the teams that were playing in the Super Bowl. Dispatchers told the man that the 911 line is for emergencies only.

Nearly 40 percent of kids ages 3 to 6  use more toothpaste than recommended by dentists, a CDC study found. The CDC and the American Dental Association recommend that children in that age group should use no more than a pea-size amount of paste. Children younger than 3 should use only a smear, only the size of a rice grain. Brushing with too much toothpaste can damage enamel, because children could swallow too much fluoride while their teeth are developing, the CDC says. That can cause dental fluorosis, white marks and discoloration of teeth. 

Hawaii is considering banning cigarette sales to anyone under 100.

A 27-year-old guy in India wants to sue his parents for bringing him into the world without his permission.  Here’s a recent video from his YouTube page, where he talks about how we shouldn’t automatically respect our elders, including our parents. 

Universal Studios in Orlando has people in the park dressed up from the movie “Trolls”, including Guy Diamond . . . the troll with the green nose and no clothes, whose trademark is that he farts glitter.  And the guy in the suit in Orlando actually does it.  You can hear a woman reacting on YouTube, and saying “my life is complete.”

Researchers at Texas A&M are working on a new A.I. program that monitors your voice, and can tell you when your spouse is in a BAD MOOD and ready to fight. So if you knew they were in a bad mood, you could address the issue early . . . or just start walking on eggshells to avoid an argument. It works by listening to the pitch and tone of your voice, and how your vocal patterns change throughout the day. So far, they’ve tested it on 34 different couples, and it can detect signs of conflict with 79% accuracy . . . which is probably better than what YOU can do.

There’s a company called QuadrigaCX from British Columbia, Canada.  And they manage about $137 million worth of their customers’ digital cryptocurrency assets. Basically, QuadrigaCX works like a stock market exchange, only with digital currencies like Bitcoin.  People use real money to buy, sell, and trade those currencies on QuadrigaCX, and then the company stores the people’s assets. But the founder of the company just died, and that’s bad news for all of QuadrigaCX’s investors.  Because he was the only person on the planet who knew the PASSWORD to the hard drive.  So now nobody can access their money. His widow just filed for bankruptcy protection for the company until they can try to figure out some other way to decrypt everything and get the money back. Meanwhile, a lot of the users now think the entire thing was a scam and their money is long gone.  And it wouldn’t be a HUGE shock . . . QuadrigaCX had been investigated before for, quote, “irregularities.”