February 8th is the 39th day of the year. There are 326 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 6 days left until Valentine’s Day

There are 2 days until The Walking Dead resumes

Today is Boy Scouts Day, International Winter Bike to Work Day, Laugh and Get Rich Day, National Kite Flying Day. Opera Day and Propose Day

Tomorrow is National Pizza Day. IHOP is celebrating with a new pancake called the Pancizza. The giant, 7-inch pancake is available in buttermilk, cupcake and bacon and cheddar flavors. It costs $4.99 and is only available through the weekend. The Pancizza comes in a pizza box

Starbucks has brought back their Cherry Mocha drink in honor of Valentine’s Day. Available now through February 14th, the drink has hints of chocolate and tart cherry. It is topped with whipped cream, sugar and sprinkles.

A company in Japan is now selling pre-crushed, ‘drinkable’ potato chips called “One Hand Chips.”  The idea is you can eat them without getting your hands greasy, and use your phone at the same time. 

Booze-infused Häagen-Dazs ice cream is now available in six different flavors.  It’s only 0.5% alcohol though, so you’d have to eat a LOT of ice cream to get a buzz. 

Tyson just released pizza-flavored chicken nuggets.

This new professional football league makes its debut tonight. This alternative to the NFL has fewer teams, different rules, a 12-week season, and the player pool is made up of NFL athletes who have been cut, former CFL players, and undrafted college players. (7p CT, CBS)

Skype has a new feature where it can blur the background behind you . . . so no need to clean your room before a video chat anymore. 

If you’ve looked for a job you know the basics: arrive early, wear nice clothing, don’t bad-mouth your current or former employer, etc. A survey of hiring managers says one of the biggest interview mistakes they encounter is the candidate knowing very little about the company. So come prepared to answer the question: “What do you know about our company?”

There’s an incredibly dumb debate going on right now online:  If a baguette could walk, how would it move?  There are four options:  Sliding like a worm . . . galloping by using its ends as feet . . . flipping end over end . . . or inching like a caterpillar. 

A study tested how recognizable hit songs from the past were . . . and even Millennials could name more songs from the ’60s through the ’90s than they could the hit songs from the 21st century.