March 15th is the 74th day of the year. There are 291 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 2 days remaining until St Patty’s Day

There are 111 days remaining until July 4th (on a Thursday)

Today is National Peanut Lovers Day, National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day, True Confessions Day and World Sleep Day

Tomorrow night’s Powerball jackpot is worth $495 million.

IHOP is now serving Oreo pancakes. The stack is covered in broken Oreo cookies, icing and whipped cream. The Oreo flapjacks are available through April 14th

Walmart is going to begin selling its own tablets. They want to compete against Amazon and Apple. No word on how much the tablets will cost

A strange new study out of Switzerland found Swiss cheese ages better when it’s been exposed to ’90s hip-hop.  But other genres of music don’t work as well.  The researchers aren’t sure why. 

The guy in Ohio who’s only drinking beer for Lent posted an update, and said he drinks two to five beers a day, days two and three were hard, but he’s been fine since.  Apparently he’s also lost 16 pounds.

This is a great prank.  A woman noticed her sister was selling a creepy porcelain doll on Facebook, because she was moving to a new house, and getting rid of some stuff.  So she bought it anonymously . . . then brought it to the new house, hid it in the basement, and filmed her sister’s reaction.

When Facebook went down Wednesday, it affected 2.3 BILLION users, and was the biggest outage they’ve ever had.  Then yesterday, Apple had an iCloud outage.  And Gmail and YouTube also had issues this week.  It’s still not clear if they’re connected.

A crematorium in Germany burned down, but all 20 dead bodies inside were more-or-less unharmed.

Would you give up the Internet forever for $1 million?  A survey in the U.K. asked people if they’d give it up for a million pounds, which is about $1.3 million.  48% said yes, 32% said no, and 20% weren’t sure. 

According to an article in “The New York Times”, the hot new trend is SEPARATE honeymoons. It’s called a “unimoon” or “solomoon.”  And it’s where both people go on their own trip after the wedding.  Either with friends, or by themselves.  Not being able to agree on a destination is one reason couples do it.  But others just do it out of convenience. For example, one couple they talked to had to go on separate trips for work right after their wedding.  So the groom went to Paris and turned the trip into his own personal honeymoon.  And his wife went to the Dominican Republic.

Skipping class without getting caught just got a lot harder for students at a university in China after the school developed an app designed to improve attendance. At the beginning of a class, professors use the app to generate a four-digit code that is valid for only 30 seconds. Students in the class are required to enter the code in their version of the mobile phone app. Students that don’t comply receive a phone call and message urging them to get to class ASAP. A student’s advisor will also be notified their student has gone AWOL.

New Movies

IN THEATERS – Captain Marvel will win the weekend box office again, bringing in between $70 million and $85 million.… New: Captive State (PG-13); Wonder Park (PG); Five Feet Apart (PG-13)

Wonder Park (Rated PG) … Starring Matthew Broderick, Jennifer Garner, Jeffrey Tambor, Kenan Thompson, Ken Jeong, Mila Kunis, John Oliver, Brianna Denski, Norbert Leo Butz, Ken Hudson Campbell .. The movie cost $100 million to produce

Captive State (Rated PG-13) … Starring John Goodman … Chicago Police Officer Mulligan (John Goodman) is tasked with uniting the world against an extra-terrestrial enemy.

Five Feet Apart (Rated PG-13) … Starring …Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse .. a pair of teenagers with life-threatening illnesses fall in love after meeting in a hospital.