April 12th is the 102nd day of the year. There are 263 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 9 days remaining until Easter

There are 2 days remaining until GOT Final Season begins

Today is Drop Everything and Read Day, National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, National Licorice Day, National Only Child Day, National Teach Children to Save Day and Walk on Your Wild Side Day

It’s National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day.  A survey last year found just 13% of Americans don’t like them.  

Arby’s is offering $6 flights to Hawaii today, but you have to act fast.  They go on sale at noon Eastern, and they’ll sell out immediately.  There’s a major catch though.  You only get to be in Hawaii for SIX HOURS, then you have to fly back. 

The latest man to write his own obituary kept things about as short as possible: it read simply, “I am dead.” The 89-year-old in Germany gave his funeral home instructions before he died last month and the funeral home followed through, publishing the 3-word obituary in two newspapers.

A majority of office workers grade their job a B-, according to new research. And our biggest gripe is poor communication. Almost one in three office workers says they wish there was better communication and better feedback.

A list of “Game of Thrones” facts includes:  The show has used 12,137 wigs . . . 4,000 gallons of fake blood . . . 20,907 candles . . . and 25 miles of rope.  Also, there are (just) 432 minutes left in the series.

Remember the “Mikey Likes It” ad for Life cereal?  Well, apparently they’re rebooting it, and YOUR kid could be the next Mikey.  They’re looking for 4 to 8-year-old boys or girls.  You have to submit a video audition online by April 27th. 

Disney announced a bunch of details on their streaming service, Disney+.  It’ll launch on November 12th, and cost $6.99 a month.  It’ll come stocked with a ton of existing Disney movies and shows, plus EVERY episode of “The Simpsons”, three new Marvel shows, and a new “Sandlot” TV show. 

Major League Baseball is going to start using ROBOT UMPIRES in the Minors.  They’ll call balls and strikes, although the HUMAN umps will be able to override them.  The robo-umps will be implemented gradually this season. 

For the first time ever, scientists in China have used gene-splicing to combine human genes with monkey genes, and make super-smart monkeys, just like “Planet of the Apes”.  They probably won’t rise up anytime soon, but one expert called it a “slippery slope.” 

A new survey found 76% of workers between 18 and 23 think they should get promoted within their first YEAR at a new job. 

The top excuses we use for not getting in shape are junk food is too tempting . . . I can’t get motivated . . . I don’t have time to exercise . . . I can’t resist food around the holidays . . . and I don’t have time to cook healthy meals. 

There’s a new dating term called “cloaking.”  And it’s kind of like ghosting, where you just disappear and don’t return texts.  But when you cloak someone, you also BLOCK them on every app you’ve used to communicate, like dating apps and Facebook.