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Q:  According to a new survey… almost 90% of people say they think they know “a great deal” about their mom’s life.  The top mom facts people we’re familiar with – Where she grew up and where she went to school (High School or College)… What was the next top Mom Fact that people knew?

A: The name of the street she grew up on

1.  Where she grew up.  74% of people know the answer to that one.

2.  Where she went to high school or college, 60%.

3.  The name of the street she grew up on, 50%.

4.  What her first job was, 49%.

5.  Her ancestry, 48%.

The poll also asked people to name the top TRAITS they got from their mom.

The top five answers were her compassion . . . her sensitivity . . . her work ethic . . . her sense of humor . . . and her good looks.