May 16th is the 136th day of the year. There are 229 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 31 days remaining until Father’s Day

There are 49 days remaining until Independence Day

Today is Brown Bag It Thursday, Hummus Day, Love a Tree Day, National Mimosa Day, National Notebook Day, National Piercing Day, National Sea Monkey Day, and National Wear Purple for Peace Day

Hardee’s is serving a Fruit Loop Mini Donut milkshake. The shake features vanilla ice cream mixed with Fruit Loops. The shake is topped with whipped cream and a mini donut around its straw.

Dobbs Dawg House, in Dobbs Ferry, New York, is selling a Fruity Pebbles hot dog. The Rubble Rage Dog is topped with Fruity Pebbles, sour cream, mayo, sriracha, mustard, ketchup, bacon, and chili. The dog is a big seller for the restaurant

A Victoria, Australia brewery is selling a beer made from barbecued kangaroo meat. Kangabrew has a smoky, spicy and meaty flavor and an alcohol by volume of 5.5%. The red wheat beer is going to be sold at festivals this summer.

Papa John’s restaurants in the UK began selling hot dog pizzas and vegan hot dog pizzas yesterday. Both pies feature Heinz ketchup instead of a tomato sauce base. The pizzas are topped with Frankfurter sausages, white onions, mozzarella cheese and Heinz yellow mustard. The pizzas are available for a limited time.

TV: SERIES FINALE: THE BIG BANG THEORY – After 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory says goodbye with an hour long episode. (7p CT, CBS)

Carnival Cruise Lines is putting a full size roller coaster on their Mardi Gras cruise ship. The Bolt Ultimate Sea Coaster is a single car, electric coaster that goes 40 mph and whizzes around the entire deck at 187 feet above sea level.

19,000 Game of Thrones fans have signed a petition to have Season 8 remade because they are unhappy with it. The lead petitioner writes, “David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have proven themselves to be woefully incompetent writers when they have no source material (i.e. the books) to fall back on. This series deserves a final season that makes sense. Subvert my expectations and make it happen, HBO!”

Adults in the UK get drunk more often than anywhere else in the world. Britons reported getting intoxicated an average of 51.1 times in a 12-month period — almost once a week. In comparison, the global average — which looked at 36 countries — is just 33. The US, Canada and Australia closely following the UK. Americans get drunk about 50 times a year; Canadians and Australians about 47 times a year.

A travel website ranked the sexiest American accents, and coming it at number one is . . . Texas. Boston-2nd. New York-3rd and Maine-4th. “Yooper” comes in at #14. Midwestern at #16. Milwaukee at #29 and Minnesotan at #48. 49 was New Jersey and 50th was Long Islander.

Someone on Twitter asked the question, “Do you wash your legs when you take a shower?”  And after close to a million votes, the results are . . . one in five people DON’T wash their legs.  But don’t worry . . . a dermatologist says it’s not really necessary unless they’re “visibly soiled.”  And the runoff of soap and water from washing your upper body are enough.

A brewery in North Carolina asked for help finding their stolen van on Monday, and offered free beer as a reward.  And . . . the van was found within 42 minutes.  The woman who spotted it WILL be getting her beer . . . and the cops are trying to track down the thieves.