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Q:  According to a new survey there’s a direct correlation between how happy you are and if you can be classified as really __________________.

A: Really clean

And super-clean people are MUCH more likely to be happy in general.

62% of clean freaks said they’re happy with their life.  That’s compared to 39% of “moderately clean” people, and just 30% of people who described themselves as messy.

67% of super-clean people also like their job, compared to 38% of messy people.  70% vs. 40% are happy with their love life. 76% vs. 42% said their relationship with their family is good.  And 53% vs. 26% are happy with the level of sleep they get.

Messy people are also almost twice as likely to be stressed out in general.  Only 22% said their stress level is okay, compared to41% of clean freaks.